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WhatsApp multi-device support image laptop, display, tablet

WhatsApp’s biggest restriction might finally be lifted soon

WhatsApp is moving toward lifting its single phone restriction as screenshots of a 'Multi-Device 2.0' surface.
facebook hacked

Facebook’s ‘droidlet’ A.I. could take speech recognition to a whole new level

Today's natural language recognition systems -- like Siri and Alexa -- are still somewhat limited in what they can understand. Facebook thinks it can do better
Mark Zuckerberg surfing.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg makes waves with offbeat Fourth of July Instagram video

Watch Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg celebrating the Fourth of July by riding his electric hydrofoil board while holding the American flag.
facebook gaming partnership ubisoft cloud facb1

Facebook Gaming partners with Ubisoft, expands cloud services

Facebook Gaming and Ubisoft have partnered up to bring more games to the cloud gaming service.
facebook server hardware data center servers

Should Big Tech pay you for your data? It’s possible, but also problematic

There are a handful of companies on the web that aim to give you control of your data, and even pay you for it. But doing so could potentially cause issues
brain network on veins illustration

A.I. doesn’t usually forget anything, but Facebook’s new system does. Here’s why

Most A.I. systems are designed to remember absolutely everything they learn. But that's not always ideal, so Facebook decided to build one that forgets
facebook avatars launch character line up white bg copy

How to make a Facebook avatar

Facebook avatar: Here's how to how to create, edit and use your own mini-me.
facebook messenger 2017 android

How to delete messages in Facebook Messenger

Ever wished you could erase the conversations you've had in Facebook Messenger? Well, you can, and the process is actually quite easy. Here's how to do it.
girl using phone with headphones

Silicon Valley is racing to build an audio-only internet, and I hope it succeeds

I used audio-based apps like Clubhouse as my main source of media for a week, and now I'm convinced they're the future of the internet.
note 9 taking selfie

How to use Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories allow you to share momentary posts that disappear automatically after 24 hours. Here are the different types of posts and how to create them.
galaxy s6

Facebook vs. Facebook Lite: Which is best for you?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks around the globe, but with Facebook Lite, the app goes on a diet for low-end phones. How does it compare?
facebook portal 2019 review 10 inch 14 of 20

How to set up a Facebook Portal

Setting up your new Facebook Portal is a super easy process that will take you just a few minutes. Here's how to get started using your Portal.
Instagram login screen.

Instagram Lite is back, and the app is a tiny 2MB download

Facebook officially announced Instagram Lite, a streamlined, smaller version of the main Instagram app. It's ready to download in 170 countries today.
Facebook Website

How to create a poll on Facebook

Want to get the opinion of your friends on Facebook? You can easily create a poll within Facebook Groups or your own Facebook Story. Here’s how.
brain network on veins illustration

Facebook’s new image-recognition A.I. is trained on 1 billion Instagram photos

Facebook has developed a powerful new image-recognition A.I. that's trained on over a billion public Instagram images. It could be a game changer
WhatsApp messaging app

WhatsApp now lets you make voice and video calls from your computer

To meet a significant increase in demand for voice and video calling, a WhatsApp update has added voice and video calling to the company's desktop apps.

What’ll happen to your WhatsApp account if you don’t agree to new privacy policy

WhatsApp has revealed what will happen to the accounts of users who don't agree to its controversial new privacy policy by the May 15 deadline.
facebook home gallery 1

Facebook is reportedly making a smartwatch, and it’ll have health features

Facebook could be planning to suck up even more of your data, according to reports that the tech giant is working on a smartwatch with health-related features.
facebook reportedly has a clubhouse clone in its sights woman using phone

Facebook reportedly has a Clubhouse clone in its sights

Audio-based social app Clubhouse has been causing a stir lately, so it's little surprise that Facebook is reportedly looking to develop something similar.

The future of Facebook is Instagram

As Facebook itself slowly declines, Facebook Inc. is seemingly shifting its focus to Instagram and using the platform to test new ideas and approaches.
coronavirus crisis not ready for an online first world analysis zoom conference lifestyle image

Follow these 5 simple tips for a healthier relationship with technology

If you've developed an unhealthy dependency on technology, here are a few easy steps you can take to fight back and cultivate a healthier relationship with it.
elon musk stylized image

Elon Musk advises people to ditch Facebook and use Signal

Tech CEO Elon Musk has urged his almost 42 million Twitter followers to use secure messaging app Signal instead of Facebook.

Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp saw record usage on New Year’s Eve

The ongoing pandemic resulted in Facebook's messaging and video chat services experiencing record usage on New Year’s Eve.
social media on phone

What is Section 230? Inside the legislation protecting social media

President Donald Trump continues his efforts to repeal Section 230, a law that protects social media platforms from being liable if a user posts something illegal or controversial. Here's what you need to know
Trump Twitter

2020 forced Big Social to address its flaws, but it’s too late for an easy fix

Between a global pandemic, social/cultural upheaval, and mounting political problems, 2020 put plenty of pressure on social media giants to face their flaws
google revamped ad settings tool android

Why do you see ads for stuff you’ve already bought?

Right now, you're probably seeing ads for all the stuff you already bought for Christmas. Curious why that happens? We did some digging to find out.
Man playing the guitar

Facebook’s new Collab music app is a fun way to play with others

Enjoy other people's musical efforts, or join in yourself, with Facebook's clever Collab app for iPhone and iPad.
instagram launches location stories to more users 1

Practically every major social app has a Stories function now. This is why

Snapchat popularized the idea of ephemeral social media years ago, but now the feature is is popping up in dozens of other platforms. Here's why.
facebook ar glasses deaf hearing ar3

Facebook is developing AR glasses to help deaf people hear better

The research lead for Facebook’s Hearing Science lab tells Digital Trends about the exciting possibilities of AR glasses.

Facebook just saved the historic site where Alan Turing cracked the Enigma code

Facebook has made a donation to Bletchley Park, the English location that doubled as a center for Allied code-breaking during World War II.
facebook hacked

Facebook expands its ban on QAnon conspiracy theory accounts

Facebook has announced a blanket ban on QAnon accounts in a bid to drastically cut down on content linked to the radical conspiracy theory group.
instagram merges with messenger for simpler messaging merge

Instagram merges with Messenger for easier cross-platform messaging

People using Instagram and Messenger can now send messages, photos, and videos between the two platforms.
facebook hacked

Facebook to ban ads that claim election win before official announcement

Facebook says it will ban ads from its platform that make premature declarations of election victory in the vote next month.
trump versus biden

Conspiracy theories already spreading ahead of Trump-Biden presidential debate

Right-wing conspiracy theory accounts connected to the group QAnon have been spreading misinformation on Facebook ahead of the first presidential debate.