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Facebook Messenger forwarding limits

Facebook will limit forwards on Messenger to tackle misinformation

Facebook is rolling out a new update to Messenger that will limit message forwards to no more than five people at a time.
The Facebook home page on a screen.

Facebook removes network of Russian misinformation groups

Facebook took down around 13 pages associated with the Internet Research Agency that were created to point people toward a left-leaning fake news site.
Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook terms hint it could take down content that may land it in legal trouble

Updated terms could allow Facebook to remove content that it believes can potentially land the company in legal or regulatory trouble.
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Targeted Facebook ads are about to lose a big audience: iPhone owners

In allowing users to opt out of being tracked around the web, Apple might be doing what the advertising boycott against Facebook could not.
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, addresses Kenosha shooting

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook made ‘operational mistake’ before Kenosha shooting

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed his company's response to the Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooting that left two dead.
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Facebook says Apple didn’t let it tell users about App Store tax

Facebook is at odds with Apple's developer team yet again. The social network claims Apple made it remove a note that informed users about the App Store tax.
The Facebook home page on a screen.

Facebook is cracking down on platform abusers with a pair of new lawsuits

Facebook is suing two developers in separate lawsuits for violating the company's terms of service.
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Facebook calls Kenosha shooting mass murder after event promoted call to arms

In a statement on Wednesday, Facebook denounced the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as a "mass murder" after an event on its platform promoted the use of violence.
oculus link transforms quest better riff s with 2019

Oculus Connect conference gets a new name: Facebook Connect

Facebook's annual conference for alternate and virtual reality projects has gotten a new name, and it'll be going virtual this year.
facebook is adding shopping to your mobile app person on phone

Facebook is adding shopping to your mobile app

People can now shop directly in Facebook's app through Facebook Shop. The new tab aggregates a feed of businesses and products.
tiktok logo next to trump

Facebook actively lobbied for a TikTok ban in Washington, report claims

A new report claims that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg actively lobbied for a TikTok ban in private Washington meetings last year.
Trump with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stylized image

Facebook reportedly considering ‘kill switch’ if Trump contests 2020 elections

Facebook is reportedly preparing for various scenarios after the U.S. elections. including President Donald Trump falsely declaring on the platform that he won.
Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s new ’embodied A.I’ project aims to build a new breed of robots

Facebook wants to build an army of robot assistants that can wait on us in all kinds of new ways. Here's what it's working on.
QAnon conspiracy theorist holds a sign

Facebook removes nearly 800 QAnon-related groups, pages, hashtags, and ads

The social media platform said it will continue to restrict and remove content and accounts that "support violent acts" in a statement on Wednesday.
facebook adds zoom integration to portal devicestrashed on

Zoom is coming to Facebook Portal, Amazon Echo Show, and Google Nest Hub Max

Zoom on Facebook Portal rolls out to devices starting in September, and it will arrive on the Amazon Echo Show and the Google Nest Hub Max later in the fall.
oculus vr will require you to log in on facebook getty

Oculus will force you onto Facebook, whether you like it or not

Starting in October, everyone using an Oculus device for the first time will have to log in with their Facebook account.
Instagram logo

Facebook starts merging Instagram, Messenger chat features on iOS, Android

Facebook has started merging its apps' messaging services, with an Instagram notification offering an update to allow users to chat with people on Messenger.
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Facebook now lets businesses charge for online events

Facebook's newest rollout lets creators charge for online events.
instagram profile

Instagram kept pictures and private DMs long after users deleted them

Due to an issue, Instagram stored year-old pictures and private messages on its servers even after users had deleted them from their accounts.
zipcar drivethevote electoin 59947941  closeup of an american i voted sticker placed on a navy shirt

Here’s how Facebook is preparing for Election Day chaos

Facebook is using its voting information center to closely track misinformation threats leading up to Election Day.
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Facebook’s new privacy tool convinced me to delete my account

You already know Facebook tracks you but this tool will make you worry about your privacy like never before. Here's why it convinced me to delete my account.
Trump with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stylized image

Facebook seeks to protect election integrity with its new voting info hub

Facebook is now rolling out its information hub that will host voting resources and tools from a variety of sources in the United States.
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How Boogaloo groups persist and proliferate on Facebook, despite crackdown

Since Facebook announced a ban, more than 100 new groups affiliated with this far-right movement have formed. A report says they can evade Facebook's censors.
blockchain beyond bitcoin voters cast their ballots on election da

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter team up to fight election interference

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft are teaming up to form a new coalition against election interference ahead of the 2020 presidential election.
facebook messenger

Master Facebook Messenger with these helpful tips and tricks

Facebook Messenger is a go-to for texting and calling friends and family. There are a ton of features, but we've rounded up the best to up your Messenger game.
fbi wants social media data facebook app mem2

Facebook’s automated hate speech detection is getting even better

Facebook's latest Community Standards Enforcement Report reveals it now detects 95% of hate speech content automatically.
The Facebook home page on a screen.

Facebook restricts news outlets that have ties to political groups

Under new restrictions, Facebook’s News tab will no longer include news publishers that have political affiliations. 

YouTube permanently bans white nationalist channel VDARE

The latest in a string of far-right forums that have been banned from social media, the channel was a big promoter of white nationalist rhetoric and ideas.
facebook ai image recognition new takes to a whole level

Facebook’s new A.I. takes image recognition to a whole new level

Facebook is using cutting-edge artificial intelligence to extract valuable data from images. The company showed Digital Trends some of its ongoing work.
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Facebook yanks large QAnon conspiracy group off platform

In a statement, Facebook said it will take action against accounts and groups associated with the far-right conspiracy group QAnon.
facebook messenger redesigned project lightspeed feature 2020

Facebook speaks out against Apple App Store policies following gaming app issue

Facebook complains that it had to remove functionality from its Facebook Gaming app for it to be approved for the Apple App Store.
mark zuckerberg speaking

Facebook boss reportedly ‘really worried’ over possible TikTok ban

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly voiced serious concerns about the possibility of the U.S. government banning the popular video-sharing app TikTok.
Trump stylized image

Facebook removes Trump post over coronavirus misinformation

Facebook has removed a post from President Trump’s Facebook page after concluding that it contained false claims about COVID-19.
Styled Graphic featuring Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai

Trump’s TikTok meddling means we’ll never be able to escape Big Tech

President Donald Trump has neutralized two of the biggest rivals to Big Tech. With practically no competition, can we ever escape tech giants?