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What Comes Next: How tech is helping society reopen after coronavirus


How does society get back to normal after hitting the pause button? What will the new normal even look like. As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease, restaurants, stores, gyms, offices, public transportation, and schools will all reopen, with the help of new groundbreaking technologies.

The best home pulse oximeters

Pulse oximeters allow people to monitor vital signs for oxygen issues. If you have a condition that affects your blood oxygen levels, you may benefit from one.
teacher leading a remote classroom

These teachers aren’t just enduring the remote education era — they’re thriving

AI in education kid with robot

A.I. teaching assistants could help fill the gaps created by virtual classrooms

high school senior part 2 college freshman students wearing face masks

With coronavirus on campus, college freshmen face a disorienting orientation

as coronavirus cases rise a miami mom struggles to keep up with distance learning norma schwartz thumbnail

As coronavirus cases rise, a Miami mom struggles to keep up with distance learning

Juliana Davila

Texas teacher plans to be ‘overly cautious’ as schools reopen

what comes next episode 6 wcn hollywood

What Comes Next: Five ways TV will be different post-quarantine

what comes next episode 5 wcn schools

What Comes Next: How tech can help schools safely reopen

what comes next episode 4 wcn transit

What Comes Next: How tech helps transit and travel open safely

what comes next episode 1  offices workplaces abc thumbnail

What Comes Next: How tech is helping offices and workplaces reopen

what comes next episode 2  gyms abc

What Comes Next: How tech is helping gyms and salons open safely

what comes next episode 3 business owner reopening a restaurant while wearing facemask

What Comes Next: How tech helps restaurants and stores open safely

Apple Fifth Avenue Store

More Apple Stores temporarily close due to uptick in coronavirus cases

Fourteen Apple Stores will close in Florida on Friday after an increase in the state's coronavirus cases. A total of 32 Apple Stores have now had to re-close.

How to clean your car’s interior

Here's how to deep clean your vehicle's interior to remove dirt and grime, sanitize against viruses and bacteria, and preserve its appearance for years to come.
Norma Schwartz

Summer staycation: A Miami mom weighs the cost of keeping her kids cooped up

Like many parents, Norma Schwartz struggled with distance learning. But she also worries about her two elementary-age kids dependency on technology.
Ben Coulimore Portrait

The balancing act: What it’s like to be a high schooler and essential worker

Ben Coulimore is a high-school junior who takes college-level courses as part of the Running Start program. He's also an essential worker at a nursing home.
Addison Cross

Social distance and senioritis: Graduating high school in 2020

Addison Cross just graduated from high school in Texarkana, Texas. Social distancing meant many milestones of senior year were different but still memorable.
Juliana Davila

Up in the air: How one Texas teacher is preparing for an uncertain future

Juliana Davila teaches students ranging from pre-K to eighth grade. Since distance learning was set in place, she worries what next fall will look like.
coronavirus covid 19 vaccines treatments list syringe a vial and pills

All the COVID-19 treatments currently in clinical trials

Institutions around the world are working to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. The pathway is a long and difficult one.
hollywood and the movie experience after coronavirus coronamovies illustration articleexport 200522

After coronavirus, what happens to Hollywood and movies?

Things will never be the same for Hollywood and the movie-watching experience after coronavirus, but that might not be a bad thing. Here's what we can expect.

Hydroxychloroquine linked to higher risk of death in coronavirus patients

There may be potentially deadly side effects to hydroxychloroquine, the drug U.S. President Donald Trump has promoted as a potential cure for the coronavirus.
France Toughens Coronavirus Lockdown As Death Toll Rises

Can chloroquine cure coronavirus? Here’s what science says

In response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the FDA OK'd adding chloroquine to the Strategic Nation Stockpile, but will the drug actually do anything?
fitbit charge 4 review 2

Your Fitbit may be able to detect a key coronavirus symptom

Newer Fitbit devices have a feature that tracks blood-oxygen levels. Some coronavirus patients develop serious symptoms related to low blood-oxygen levels.
coronavirus taiwan asia technology success science researcher getty

The FBI accuses China of trying to steal U.S. coronavirus vaccine research

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security accused China of attempting to steal coronavirus vaccine research from the U.S. and urged researchers to be wary.

NYC’s Mount Sinai Hospital using Google Nest to monitor coronavirus patients

Mount Sinai, one of New York City’s hospitals hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, is using Google's Nest cameras to monitor patients and improve safety.
Rutgers Spectrum Coronavirus Saliva Test.

FDA authorizes at-home coronavirus test that uses your spit

The coronavirus test from a Rutgers University laboratory allows you to collect a saliva sample at home before sending it back to the lab for a diagnosis.
Researcher in Lab with Blood Sample Test

Coronavirus antibody tests aren’t created equal. Here’s what you need to know

The Food and Drug Administration recently changed its standards around accuracy for coronavirus antibody tests. Previously, there wasn't a lot of guideance.
doctors gloved hands attaching a VitalPatch to a patient's chest

FDA clears heart monitor for coronavirus patients using hydroxychloroquine

A wearable patch can monitor a patient who has been treated for COVID with hydroxychloroquine, a drug that can cause serious, even deadly, heartbeat issues.
Coronavirus Testing Labs

FDA approves Roche coronavirus antibody test for emergency use

Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche says it has received an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration for its new test for coronavirus.

DIY ventilator plans are all over the internet, but is building one a good idea?

Even before the coronavirus brought the world to its knees, there were DIY ventilator blueprints on the internet. But how safe are they to build and use?
Remdesivir vial

Remdesivir: What to know about the ‘most promising’ COVID-19 treatment

Here's a quick overview of the how remdesivir works and why it might be effective against the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19

FDA authorizes experimental drug remdesivir as coronavirus treatment

The Food and Drug Administration granted emergency authorization to Gilead Sciences' remdesivir drug to treat the coronavirus. It's shown promising results.
Coronavirus Testing Labs

Johns Hopkins opens coronavirus testing data to the public

Johns Hopkins University has made public its data on coronavirus testing, including testing sites, how many test have been done, and state-by-state comparisons.
drive-in coronavirus test

Why is it so difficult to get tested for coronavirus in the United States?

Coronavirus testing in the U.S. hasn't met any of the benchmarks various experts have proposed in order to ease social distancing measures. Here's why.