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kokoon eeg headphones 150520 0001

Kokoon EEG headphones can detect when you’re in deep sleep, trigger lucid dreams

Kokoon is a set of app-enabled EEG headphones that can perform a wide variety of different functions -- including the potential to induce lucid dreams.
electroloom clothing printer feature

Electroloom prints ready-to-wear clothing like a cotton candy machine gone haywire

self healing concrete 150519 0001

With the help of bacteria, this amazing new bio-concrete can repair its own cracks

Mr. Everything

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Solar sails, jelly printers, EEG headphones

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!
Thalmic Labs Myo Gesture Armband

Myo Gesture Control Armband review

bocusini 3d food printer retrofit kickstarter printed

Forget plastic — this 3D printer retrofit makes it possible to print fudge, jelly, and more

smartchutes drone parachute kickstarter 150514 0001

This drone parachute automatically deploys itself if it detects a stall

ge 3d printed jet engine

GE engineers just made a fully-functional 3D printed jet engine


Bill Nye wants to explore space with a Kickstarter-funded solar sail


Like a futuristic Band-Aid, this wearable patch relieves pain at the push of a button

mr everything kickstarter mreverything

Mr. Everything can play music, charge your gadgets, and even jump your car

betterback posture kickstarter screen shot 2015 05 12 at 11 52 51 am

This ingenious device makes it impossible to slouch in your office chair

Instead of using wearable sensors to pester you throughout the day, BetterBack uses a set of simple, adjustable straps to keep your spine from bending into an arc while you sit.
coolest stuff at the hardware store tools

The coolest stuff you didn’t know you could get at the hardware store

awesome tech you cant buy yet may 10 2015 051015

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: $9 computers and $5 smartphone microscopes

1200776 autosave v1 2 dog poop

Doody Duty: London cops are DNA testing dog poop to track down lazy owners

A borough of London will require dog park users to submit DNA cheek swabs for their pets, allowing park wardens to test any stray dog poop they find.
carbon nanotube spider silk

Scientists add carbon nanotubes to spider silk, create ridiculously strong fibers

keurig brings back refillable kcups

As sales plummet, Keurig promises to bring back refillable K-cups

Green Mountain is giving customers the ability to brew their java of choice, but isn't doing away with the DRM-like system that blocks out competitor cups

SpaceX’s new Pad Abort system is designed to make manned space missions safer

The Pad Abort system would work like a jet pilot's ejection seat, allowing the rocket's passengers to blast themselves up and away from danger.
3d printed shoes people footwear

You’d never guess it just by looking at them, but these sneakers are 3D printed

Past attempts at 3D printer footwear have looked like something from a bad sci-fi movies, but the new sneakers from People Footwear are worth your money.
phonedrone kickstarter

PhoneDrone turns your phone into an autonomous quadcopter

biobots 3d printer living tissue

Welcome to the future: This 3D printer uses living cells to print human tissue

This groundbreaking 3D printer uses a specially engineered ink that can be combined with living cells to build living, three-dimensional tissue structures.
bae systems night vision thermal imaging

Brilliant new imaging system gives soldiers hybrid thermal/night vision on the battlefield

infrared drunk testing algorithm 150504 0001

Say “Cheese!” New technique can bust you for being hammered from an infrared pic


This week in awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Inside-out umbrella and the MoonRay

travel tips extending your laptops battery life charging laptop feature image

Work that battery magic with these 11 tricks and tips to extend your laptop battery

How to save power in a pinch. We'll also outline long-term strategies for converting your laptop into a power sipping machine.
quadmovr super fast quadcopter drone 150430 0004

Watch this ridiculously fast drone zip into the stratosphere in half a second

blue origin first rocket launch blueorigin

Jeff Bezos pulls his best Dr. Evil impression with his very first rocket launch

how to open master combination lock in 8 tries or less combo

Crack any Master combination lock in 8 tries or less with this online combo calculator

nanotech toothbrush doesnt need toothpaste

This nanotech toothbrush cleans your teeth without toothpaste

darpa self guiding bullets exacto bullet

DARPA’s self-guiding bullets can hit a moving target — even if it moves after the shot is fired

exploding lithium ion batteries thermal view li explosion

This is what an exploding lithium-ion battery looks like with thermal vision

Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

How we test 3D printers

Today's 3D printers come in an array of sizes, shapes, and printing styles. Here, we break down how we go about testing our review units.
nvisible nanotronics virtual reality nanoblue

nVisible uses VR and microscopes to let you explore nano-scale landscapes

stanford super strong robots utug

Watch this tiny robot drag a 45-pound weight across the floor like it’s nothing