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The Conspirator Review

Sonos launches Android controller app and Airplay support for wireless speakers

Volkswagen unveils the new Beetle

Kohler Numi: a ‘smart toilet’ with speakers and a touchscreen remote

60 Minutes compares Paul Allen’s reclusive lifestyle to Howard Hughes


Awesome: The future according to Google search results

Windows 8 gets a new task manager and USB booting

Rumor: Samsung to release 2GHz dual-core phone, as powerful as some PCs

LG and China Mobile may adopt MeeGo, the platform Nokia abandoned

BlackBerry PlayBook NYC launch party

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook NYC launch party, a business affair?

Frontier jacks up cable installations to $500, threatens 46 percent price hike

Nintendo to unveil Wii 2 console in June

Video shows the panic Fukushima’s radiation cloud caused as it spread across the globe


Microsoft teases Mango: Our complete list of upcoming Windows Phone features

Sega explains take down of fan-made ‘Streets of Rage’ remake

Maine schools to spend $200,000 on iPads for Kindergartners

Nokia unveils the X7 and E6, new Symbian handsets

Taking lyrics (too) literally: 5 ridiculously impractical love songs

Samsung sells Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab 7.0 for $349.99

HP EliteBook laptops get sleek, Apple-like redesign

Opera 11.10 released, loaded with ‘Turbo’ mode

Microsoft releases platform preview of Internet Explorer 10

The U.S. Navy destroys a boat with new high-energy laser

BlackBerry leaks: four new touchscreen devices shown

Apple rejects PopCap’s Unpleasant Horse due to excessive pony meat grinding

Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK

5 awesome ways augmented reality could improve your life

michael jackson game sells 3 million units xbox and ps3 versions coming mt thumb

Michael Jackson game sells 3 million units, Xbox and PS3 versions coming

HTC reports record sales and strong demand for ThunderBolt, Android

Samsung teams with John Legend, donates $1 million worth of tech to schools

go spartans steve wozniak to speak at michigan state university commencement thumb

Go Spartans! Steve Wozniak to speak at Michigan State University commencement

HTC is now worth $33.9 billion, more than Nokia and RIM

Apple fever: iPad 2 sells 2.6 million in March

Microsoft and Toyota announce cloud-based vehicle platform

Creepy: Three lifelike Androids converse with their human masters