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Buying a laptop: Everything you need to know, and maybe a little you don’t

In 2010, Apple carved a deep line in the history of portable computing, unveiling a device that would set the template for the imminent flood of tablets that would soon saturate the market. For a brief while, there was speculation that tablets would replace the previous standard of mobile computing, the laptop.

Tablets have certainly exploded in popularity, but despite their ubiquity, the laptop remains a mainstay among computer electronics. It’s sturdy and dependable, and with hardware geared towards performance, laptops are a viable option for people who want a mobile device that can do a good deal more than what a traditional tablet is capable of.

Choosing the right laptop can be a complicated process, given the notable differences in terms of both design and hardware unique to each brand. When you buy a laptop, keep in mind what exactly you will be using your laptop for, whether you intend to lug it from place to place or simply use it as a device to snuggle up with in bed. There is a good deal to consider, so let us guide you through the process.

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