Google just made its Show and Tell AI system open source on TensorFlow

Two years ago, the Google Brain team began employing machine learning techniques to teach a computer how to interpret and caption images. It's only gotten better since then, and now it has gone open source.

Apple Creative Cloud users should update Lightroom before upgrading to OS 10.12

A Lightroom update adds camera support for the iPhone 7 and GoPro Hero 5, as well as bug fixes for Mac users upgrading to OS 10.12. Besides offering a compatibility update, there's a new feature for speed, too.

Confirmed: A hacker accessed records of more than 500 million Yahoo accounts

Yahoo on Thursday confirmed a major security breach of its user database. It said more than 500 million accounts were compromised by a "state-sponsored actor."

Working transporter beams photons just under four miles away using dark optics

Researchers have created a transporter capable of teleporting photons just under four miles. It used an entangled pair of photons and dark optic cables installed by the city of Calgary.
Virtual Reality

Microsoft’s HoloLens gains momentum from award-winning HoloAnatomy app

HoloAnatomy for Microsoft's HoloLens AR headset won an award during the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards competition. It beat Google's Tilt Brush app and a 20-minute film in the immersive virtual reality and augmented reality…

Some of the finest minds in AI descend upon London’s deep learning summit

Artificial intelligence has never been as present -- or as cool -- as it is today. And, after years as a relative outcast, deep learning has become the most successful and popular machine learning method around.

Apple may open a retail store on Samsung's turf in South Korea

South Korea doesn't have an Apple store, but the iPhone maker is trying to change that. While Samsung already is dealing with the recall of its Galaxy Note 7, it now has to worry about a possible physical retail presence from its rival.

North Korea permits 28 websites on its internet — Reddit users crashed them all

North Korea controls internet access, with only 28 websites total open for public view. After the DNS for the country was accidentally leaked, Reddit users overloaded the servers by checking out the sites.

Google's image-caption creator, based on AI technology, is now open source

Google has just published the code for Show and Tell, its image-caption creation technology, which uses artificial intelligence to give images captions. The new system is far quicker than the original Show and Tell.
Cool Tech

Tomorrow's medications could be invented by a deep learning supercomputer

A United Kingdom-based company called BenevolentAI is using the world’s most advanced deep learning supercomputer to help improve old drugs and invent entirely new ones. The result could revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry.

Nokia Bell Labs tests internet connection 1,000 times faster than Google Fiber

Conducted in conjunction with other researchers, Nokia Bell Labs used a new transmission technique to achieve a transfer rate close to the theoretical limit -- one terabyte per second.
Home Theater

Logitech’s computer speakers also play your music wirelessly from any device

If you are getting tired of using separate speakers for your computer and wireless music playback, Logitech’s Z337 Bold Sound with Bluetooth may be the answer, as it aims to be your all-in-one solution for both.