New malware can make a PC’s cooling fans cough up passwords, encryption keys

Isolating a computer from every network may seem like a sure-fire, if not impractical, method of keeping your files safe - until researchers use your system's own fans to betray it.
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Google, Qualcomm bring Project Tango tech to Snapdragon processors

Thanks to help from Google, Qualcomm has adapted the search giant's Project Tango tech to much of its existing lineup of Snapdragon processors, including the the 600 and 800 series.

Here’s a complete list of what you’ll see in Windows 10’s big update this August

Microsoft revealed Anniversary Update during BUILD 2016, a free OS upgrade bringing plenty of new elements to the Windows 10 platform. Here's an up-to-date catalog of all the major changing coming on August 2.

Mylio, which makes managing your images easier, now ‘Free Forever’

Mylio makes managing, accessing, and editing your images across multiple devices easier than ever, and now is offering its latest plan, Free Forever, which provides its service for just that, free.

AMD game promo gives away the existence an upcoming AMD Radeon RX 490

The RX 490 is a real card that AMD is working on, if a now removed listing for it on a game promo page is anything to go by. Before it was pulled, AMD listed the RX 490 as applicable for its big giveaway.

Microsoft confirms the launch of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and it’s not in July

Microsoft confirmed on Wednesday that Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will be released in early August. The update will arrive just days after Microsoft pulls the plug on its free upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft drops SMS-from-desktop feature from Windows 10 update

If you own a Windows phone and were looking forward to texting from your PC, we've got some bad news. Microsoft has dropped messaging everywhere from Windows 10, but the feature will eventually become part of Skype.

Chip Chat: Does the Radeon RX 480 leave Nvidia eating AMD’s dust?

AMD's new Radeon RX 480 is the best thing to happen to budget gaming in years, but is it enough to pull the company out of its recent downward spiral?
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Kaz Hirai reveals Sony is working on a robot with 'emotional' capabilities

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has announced an ambitious project for the company: the creation of a robot that's capable of forming an emotional bond with humans. A group devoted to this project was established internally in April,

Super sampling dramatically boosts HTC Vive visuals

If you have some spare graphical power beyond that required by consumer-grade virtual reality, you can now use super sampling to massively improve the visual clarity of everything you do in VR, making text in particular much easier to read.

New Windows 10 build fixes 1,800 bugs ahead of Anniversary Update

Microsoft isin the process of releasing rapid-fire preview builds designed to iron out as many bugs as possible from Windows 10 before the much-anticipated Anniversary Update goes live.
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AMD Radeon RX 480 video card Review

AMD's RX 480 thrashes Nvidia by setting a new bar for budget gaming performance.