Product Review

Mionix Castor gaming mouse Review

Mionix sets the bar high for the Castor gaming mouse, and almost clears it.

Latest Windows 10 Insider build adds tab previews to Edge, notes to Cortana

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10 to Insiders. It offers Skype integration, new Cortana features, and thumbnail previews of Edge, and makes it easier for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 owners to activate Windows 10.

Rocket League goes Back to the Future with DeLorean car pack 0:58

New DLC launching this month for the vehicle-powered soccer sim Rocket League will put players behind the wheel of Back to the Future's iconic flying DeLorean, developer Psyonix announced this week.

MSI’s new GS40 Phantom is a super-powered 14-inch gaming laptop

MSI is upping the ante for high-powered gaming laptops, offering an i7 Skylake-powered, GTX 970M enhanced, 4K screen sporting notebook at a price under $2,000. Configurable for a variety of users, MSI's new portable gamer could be a real…

Asus rolls out a raft of high-end gaming products at its ROG Unleashed event

Asus has been hard at work on its new systems and components, including 4K screens, liquid-cooled laptops, overclocked graphics cards, and motherboards.

Xbox One wireless controller adaptor for Windows 10 coming October 20th

Although a lot of people use Xbox One controllers to game away on their PC, they've been restricted to a USB connection as Microsoft took its sweet time in making it possible to connect it. Well, on Oct. 20, you'll finally be able to.

Eurocom’s X9 is the latest laptop with desktop hardware

Eurocom has detailed the Sky X9, a powerful new laptop that makes full use of a desktop-grade CPU and the Nvidia GTX 980 to offer high-resolution gaming on the go.

Acer’s Windows 10 Aspire systems are multi-purpose all-in-ones

Acer has launched a couple of new and replacement entries in its Aspire range of hardware, upgrading its Z3-700 All in One and showing off a new R14 laptop with a dual hinge design that makes it possible for it to flip into a variety of…

TP-Link shows off new Archer C2600 router with MU-MIMO support

Looking to stream 4K content to a wireless device? You're probably going to want an aftermarket router then. TP-Link is hoping to sell interested parties on its new piece of kit, the high-speed, sleek looking Archer C2600.

Sanho touts Hyper iShowFast as world’s fastest flash drive for iOS devices 1:05

A follow-up to last year's iStick, the Hyper iShowFast from Sanho is a flash drive with both USB 3.0 and Lightning connectors. The company calls it the world's fastest flash drive for iOS devices.

Is a ‘safe’ password even possible? We ask an expert

How strong is your password? Many of us try and dream up a phrase that would be difficult for a human to guess, but in reality the greatest threats come from computers.

Acer gives us another look at the Windows 10 Jade Primo, a phone that thinks its a pocket PC

Acer's Jade Primo smartphone runs Windows 10, and is sold as a complete package that makes the best use of the Windows Continuum feature, coming with a dock, keyboard and mouse for desktop computing on the go. Here's everything you need to…