Who threw that punch? Capcom puts 25-year-old ‘Street Fighter II’ mystery to rest

Ever wonder who those two characters duking it out in the intro to Street Fighter II were? After 25 years of speculation, Capcom has finally unveiled their identities to the world.

New Geforce GTX 1080 cards from Zotac will strut their stuff at Computex

Zotac is teasing customers as the company plans to showcase new cards based on Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 chip next week during Computex. One of them is based on Nvidia's Founders Edition design, while the other two fall under Zotac's AMP…

The new gaming mouse from Tt eSports packs a crazy 16,000 DPI laser sensor

Tt eSports has added a new gaming mouse to its Level 10 lineup that packs a laser sensor capable of 16,000 DPI. It also has honeycombed-based ventilation to keep your hand cool during long marathons.

Bullet hell’s about to get hotter: Shooter ‘Score Rush’ upgraded for PS4

Indie studio Xona Games announced that its acclaimed multiplayer shoot-'em-up Score Rush will see a significant upgrade with the launch of a remastered PlayStation 4 edition next week.

'The Kingdom of Loathing' RPG spinoff seeks Steam Greenlight approval

The creators of the hit free-to-play browser game The Kingdom of Loathing are pitching a Western-themed RPG sequel via Steam Greenlight ahead of a planned PC release in early 2017.

How The Stig traded in his white helmet for an Oculus Rift and Project Cars

Top Gear’s former Stig, Ben Collins, has put his real world skills into sim racing development. In this interview, he reveals his favorite car and track combination, as well as what it feels like to have his “virtual ass kicked.”

Upcoming ‘Absolver’ tells its story via online multiplayer combat

Indie-focused publisher Devolver Digital has pulled back the curtain on Absolver, an ambitious online multiplayer melee combat game for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs developed by a team of Ubisoft veterans.

MSI has a ton of new products for Computex, including a VR PC that fits in your backpack

MSI has put its Computex 2016 cards on the table, showing it will sport a handful of VR-ready gaming laptops and a backpack PC for VR gaming on the go. Other products include gaming desktops, motherboards, and a GTX 1080 Founders Edition…

You can finally pre-order Asus' massive liquid-cooled gaming laptop 1:23

We spent a few minutes playing with Asus' liquid-cooled gaming laptop back in October, but now the specifications are official and the massive machine has even popped up for pre-sale at a sky-high $5,000.

Political message prominent in ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ live-action trailer

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is less than three months away, and a new live-action trailer showcases just what to expect from the "Mechanical Apartheid" of the future. If you're an augmented human, you may want to start running.

Join DT playing Blizzard's Overwatch on Twitch

Join Digital Trends' Will Fulton playing Blizzard's newly-released hero shooter, Overwatch, on Twitch at 1pm EST.

Grush gaming toothbrush cleans up with grand prize at America’s Greatest Makers

Designed to allow kids to play video games while brushing their teeth, the Grush gaming toothbrush took home the grand prize of $1 million at the inaugural America's Greatest Makers competition.