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Penelope Cruz joins the really, really, ridiculously good-looking cast of Zoolander 2

Vanilla Sky actress Penelope Cruz has joined the cast of the upcoming sequel to Zoolander, Ben Stiller's hit 2001 comedy about a naive male supermodel.


Chris Pratt goes back to comics with a starring role in the Cowboy Ninja Viking movie

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt confirms he'll star in comic-book movie Cowboy Ninja Viking about special agents with multiple personalities.


Halo: Nightfall and Breaking Bad actors rumored for Marvel’s Netflix series

The actors in the running for lead roles in Marvel's two upcoming Netflix series Jessica Jones and Luke Cage includes Halo: Nightfall star, among others.


Check out this creepy new trailer for the Harry Potter-less Woman in Black sequel

The new trailer for The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death offers up more terrifying happenings at Eel Marsh House, the site of the 2012 film's haunting events.


Get your first peek at the live-action cast of Attack on Titan

The cast of the upcoming live-action movie based on the Attack On Titan manga series have made their debut in full costume in a series of new images.


Sony drops Steve Jobs movie

If you thought the Sorkin-penned Jobs biopic had a problem when lead actor Christian Bale pulled out earlier this month, wait till you hear what's happened now: The movie studio behind it has just gone and dropped it.


For Hollywood hopefuls, tech like YouTube has been a blessing and a curse

The days of interns toiling away in the mail room have passed, and the days of Midwesterners toiling away on YouTube and waiting to be discovered are upon us. But wait: Is this actually easier?


New trailer for Seventh Son offers up more monsters and magic

The frequently delayed sword-and-sorcery adventure Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes, has a new trailer ahead of its February 2015 premiere.


How much more awesome would The Lego Movie have been with R2-D2 in it?

The LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller revealed that Star Wars android R2-D2 was almost a major character in the movie alongside Batman.


You can read Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar prequel comic online now

Christopher Nolan has written a prequel comic for Interstellar that tells the story of an earlier mission through the wormhole, illustrated by Sean Murphy.


Watch videos for free with Samsung’s YouTube competitor Milk Video

Samsung will offer video streaming to select Galaxy smartphones with its new Milk Video app. The app aggregates content from several popular video channels and is currently ad-free.


Will The Running Man run again? Schwarzenegger explores the possibility

Veteran action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger has hinted that he could reprise his role in the 1987 classic The Running Man for an upcoming sequel to the film.


Snoopy goes flying as the Red Baron in the first trailer for The Peanuts Movie

20th Century Fox has debuted the first trailer for The Peanuts Movie, the upcoming 3D computer-animated feature based on Charles Schulz's comic strip.


Buy one ticket, see Interstellar as much as you want

Paramount Pictures and AMC Theaters have partnered for a new Interstellar promotion that gives fans unlimited screenings of the film for one price.


The director of Snatch just cast Dr. Watson as a villain in his King Arthur story

Sherlock Holmes actor Jude Law will reportedly play the villain role in Guy Ritchie's upcoming, six-film King Arthur saga premiering in 2016.