It’s time we make ‘code’ an official language, and teach it in every school

Kids may intuitively master Twitter, Snapchat and Angry Birds, but unless we teach them programming in school, they’ll never have the skills necessary to develop the next generation of software.

Can you really walk and work? I tried a treadmill desk for 6 months to find out

What is it like to work at a walking desk every day? We found out, after we installed a full treadmill desk in the office here at Digital Trends.

No, the iPad Pro can’t replace your computer. Here’s why 2:59

When Steve Jobs announced the original iPad back in 2010, he insisted it would become a "third-category device" accompanying your phone and laptop. Now Apple wants to replace your laptop with the iPad Pro, but can it actually…

John McAfee hilariously roasts single-issue voters

John McAfee challenges how we vote and what Americans should care about in the upcoming elections. Should it gun control or the deadly threat of cyberwar?

John McAfee: US gov’t hack by China is an American nightmare — and the decline of an empire

Our country is being run by people that don't have a clue, John McAfee says, especially when it comes to security. The OPM hack by China will affect us for years to come.

John McAfee: Why Homeland Security is failing miserably at protecting us online

We will remain a third-rate nation, measured on our cyberwar acumen, John McAfee argues, until we as a society and country understand the position our ossified government has placed us in. That means updating Homeland Security and paying…

Why LG’s G4 is the perfect Swiss Army Knife for a digital nomad

Can the LG G4 stand up to riding a train across America and building a yurt on a remote Canadian island? We gave it to Tynan, the only guy we know weird enough to find out.

John McAfee: Next airline hijacking will be by a hacker from halfway around the world

Anyone, anywhere in the world can hijack a commercial airliner if they have a laptop, or even a smartphone, and access to the Internet, warns John McAfee -- and the TSA must be entirely restructured to handle the threat.

John McAfee: Cyberwar is here, and China is the enemy

On Sept. 25, Xi Jinping, leader of the Chinese Communist Party, will come to Washington to meet with President Obama -- even though his country has already committed several acts of cyberwar against the U.S., says John McAfee.

John McAfee: For today, for the future — here’s why I’m running for president

Our country is not prepared for a cyberwar that has already begun. An entire sea of threats is lurking today, and it endangers all of us. I can change that. I will change that. Officially, my complete presidential platform is forthcoming…
Home Theater

So close, but so far: New Apple TV is still steps away from Jobs’ ultimate vision

Apple's new Apple TV strives for the lofty goal of completing Steve Jobs' final opus to change the future of TV. But, while the device marks a monumental step forward for the brand, it falls shy of an all out TV revolution.