Still skeptical about the Apple Watch? The first 24 apps won’t change your mind

None of the first 24 Apple Watch apps scream “game changer.” So what will it take?
Movies & TV

Where do TV pilots go when they die? In the future, maybe they don’t

Studios spend millions on high-quality TV shows you’ll never see. But as new players like Amazon are proving, maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

Car designers don’t want to cram in bigger screens, they want no screens at all

As automakers struggle to design interiors around infotainment, a few brands imagine a future without any screens at all, proving the only thing holding back the next automotive technological renaissance is screens themselves.

Did Google shoot too high with its Glass ‘moonshot,’ or not high enough?

Did the Glass Voyager program stumble because the product was too forward thinking, or not forward thinking enough?

Do hydrogen haters have a molecule to stand on? We asked an expert

Hydrogen cars have been under some serious criticism recently. But is it warranted? We take a look at what fuel cells are all about.

Apple’s Watch is finally ushering in a world beyond ‘one size fits all’

Apple has always been a one-size-fits-all company, but it’s veering the other direction to address one inescapable fact: Everyone wants to wear something different.

Are you a snob or an idiot? The Apple Watch lets you choose!

The Apple Watch is expensive no matter which model you choose, but that's not going to stop owners of the cheapest model looking, well, cheap. It's all part of Apple's masterplan to bring back the old days of brand snobbery.

The Equation Group’s scalpel proves the sledgehammer is unneeded

On this week's edition of Decrypt This, we dive in deep to the inner workings of the Equation Group, and find out what Kaspersky learned during their yearlong investigation into the shadowy hacking collective.
Home Theater

5 reasons theaters should stop boycotting Netflix and start working with it

As Netflix has begun rolling out plans to distribute feature films both in theaters and streaming online simultaneously, major theater chains have begun boycotting the releases. But you can’t fight the future forever.

Is Apple’s new MacBook the last of a dying breed?

At its 'Spring Forward' event, Apple unveiled the new MacBook, a striking system that's thinner than any competitor. Yet its impressive design may indicate the company is drawing closer to blending the Mac with tablet design.

Apple’s new MacBook asks if you can handle a one-port future

The new MacBook marks a bold step into a fully wireless future, and there's no doubt that it represents the future of notebook design. But not everyone will be able to handle its head-first dive into tomorrow.

Why are we so ready for wearables? We’re sick of boring smartphones

Now that smartphones all look and work the same, wearables represent the unlimited, untapped potential of what electronics can do.