Another day, another ho-hum announcement from Apple

The experts have weighed in on the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPhone SE, and the leading technology pundits offer decidedly “meh” opinions.

Apple’s encryption fight isn’t over, and the stakes have never been higher

The Apple vs. FBI case isn't just about encryption. It's about preserving essential American freedoms. The FBI claims we must make a choice between privacy and security, but you can't have one without the other.

Small is the new big: The iPhone SE is going to make compact cool again

The iPhone SE is way more exciting that it initially looks. The screen may be small, but inside is as much power and ability as the iPhone 6S, and it may spawn a host of high performance, small screen competitors.

Why the hell wouldn’t you upgrade to Windows 10?

Everyone is mad at Microsoft for pushing Windows 10 updates, but why the hell wouldn’t you update to it? Here’s why you should.

Time has stopped for smartwatches, as the tech world waits for Apple Watch 2

Where are all the new smartwatches? CES and MWC 2016 both passed without any major, splashy new announcements, so what's the problem? Some say it's an over reliance on high-tech specs, but the Apple Watch 2 and Swiss watch maker's lethargy…

How not to make wearables: The hideous Cybertool is a cautionary tale 2:20

Wearables are so difficult to get right, sometimes even old-school watch makers mess it up. The Cybertool is an Acer-designed smart accessory that will utterly ruin the look of your classy Victorinox Inox for just $100.

If SoundCloud evaporates, prepare for musical drought

Recently published financial documents from streaming music service SoundCloud show a company that is hemorrhaging money, leading many to wonder: What happens if the service goes under?
Home Theater

As Netflix transforms TV, HBO, CBS and Fox still struggle with streaming

Netflix has surpassed 75 million streaming users, while HBO is struggling to crack 1 million, CBS couldn't reliable stream the Grammys, and Fox is desperately dangling $25,000 reward money for its users.

If Google wants us to buy PCs running Android, it needs to get serious

The Pixel C, while fascinating as a concept, was a generally underwhelming example of Google's efforts of bringing Android to PC. It's time for the Alphabet subsidiary to draw influence from a much less prominent brand.

What Facebook should learn from this ‘colonialism’ debacle

Facebook board member Marc Andreessen is under fire for raising the issue of colonialism after India shut down its Free Basics Internet service for violating Net neutrality. We break down the idea of colonialism and the Internet.

Can a Surface Phone save Windows 10 Mobile?

With upcoming ARM64 and x86 support on Windows 10 Mobile confirmed in a Microsoft job posting, it's only natural to begin speculating the existence, and moreover, the marketplace viability of a Surface Phone.
Virtual Reality

No room for a home Holodeck? That’s why VR will bring arcades back

Home video-game systems may have killed arcades, but virtual reality may bring them back. Here’s why VR is uniquely suited for outside the home.