Anybody can learn to code, but Apple’s Swift Playgrounds make them want to

Apple made an educational app called Swift Playgrounds, which will teach students how to code in its Swift language, but there's no way we should let them have all the fun. Here's why Apple got a coding presentation right.

I like playing shooters, too. But can’t we do better?

Against the backdrop of tragedy in Orlando, E3's annual parade of violent games takes on new meaning. We don't have to stop making these games, but can't we do better?

The Xbox and PC are closer than ever, but still not close enough

Microsoft focused its big E3 2016 announcements on crossplay with Windows 10 PC, promising 10 titles that can be enjoyed on either an Xbox or a computer. But has the company waited too long to pursue this path?

Hollywood, enough is enough! Stop making video game movies

The film industry has tried and failed to adapt video games to the big screen for more than two decades. It’s time to put our foot down and say, "no more: stop making video game movies."

What happens when anyone can code? We’re about to find out

Drag-and-drop programming tools like Ready could teach anyone to code, and make creating apps as easy as creating a newsletter or website. And in creation, there’s power.

#FreeTheMotoZ: Verizon’s exclusive on both Moto phones is total BS

Carrier exclusives are draconian measures that limit the amount of people who can buy smartphones and trap great devices on one network. Now the Moto Z is stuck on Verizon with a carrier exclusive.

There’s trouble in the Nest neighborhood, so you may want to avoid moving in

Alphabet's Nest smart thermostat division may see more changes than a new CEO, such as faster product to market cycles or a new company home, The changes aren't likely to affect retail products in the short term, but longer term questions…

Why did Blizzard craft an engrossing story for Overwatch, then toss it away?

Blizzard's Overwatch is one of the best competitive shooters ever made, but due to the freedom to choose any character at any time, its story and gameplay can never truly reconcile.

The mechanical keyboards at Computex prove Steve Jobs was wrong about the PC

The halls of Computex are filled to the brim with keyboards, even while some repeat predictions of the PC's doom. Is the keyboard's popularity a fluke? Or does it reveal something deeper about computers?

After conquering cameras with the NX1, now Samsung may quit them forever

For a moment, it shined. Then, it fizzled. Samsung did the impossible with its flagship NX1 mirrorless camera, but two years later it has all but vanished, without any word on a replacement. Here's why Samsung may be exiting the market.

Nobody wants Intel’s Core M processor, and Computex proves it

Core M was built to enable a new generation of 2-in-1 devices thinner, lighter, and quicker than any before. But companies have turned away from it for their latest ultra-thin PCs at Computex 2016. That may spell the beginning of the end.

Planned obsolescence has led to ridiculous product cycles, and it’s time to say enough is enough

Apple fans are already clamoring for an iPhone 7 release date -- but is modern hardware becoming more about the anticipation of new releases, instead of the pursuit of better devices?