In defense of laptop batteries: Why they deserve some respect

Laptop batteries rarely grab headlines, but that doesn't mean they haven't changed. Today's slim, attractive and long-lasting notebooks wouldn't be possible without the advancements made in the past half-decade.

Not so fast: Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay have a dashboard full of downsides

Despite the beauty of being able to access your calendar or the angriest of birds on the go, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto aren't all sunshine and roses. Here’s why.

We may not need 5G Speeds by 2020: Here’s Why

At the Future of Wireless international conference, a roundtable discussion with the question "Do we need 5G?" was held. It turns out that while we as tech fans always want the latest, 5G is one case where we could be being duped.
Movies & TV

Don’t worship your ‘definitive’ disc, movies were meant to evolve

Technology ushered in the age of the “definitive” version of movies with VHS, but streaming is about to shoo it right back out the door.
Home Theater

3 reasons Apple bowed to Taylor Swift’s demand to pay artists

In a highly-publicized social media rant, Taylor Swift once again called out a major streaming power, chastising Apple Music for its plans to withhold artist royalties during the service's free trial. Apple immediately backed down -- but…

Dear smartwatch makers, what the hell is wrong with you?

No really, what were you guys thinking?

E3 2015 proves to be one small step forward for womankind

Last year saw serious controversy as women brought attention to their poor representation in both games and the gaming industry. The response to that is evident at E3 2015, and it's thankfully progressive.

Windows 10 just might save the Xbox One

Xbox One had a terrible launch, but fans need not worry. Windows 10 is coming to the rescue with new features and an aggressive, yet cooperative, development strategy perfectly suited for console gaming.

Stop! Why it’s a bad idea to buy an iPad, for now

The new multi-tasking feature in iOS 9 may look like a compelling reason to go out and pick up an iPad Air 2, but careful, it's really not. However, it is a very strong reason to wait and see if the iPad Pro comes out later this year.

Stratos’ futuristic credit card could simplify your wallet, but not yet

The Stratos smart card stores all your credit cards in one very secure piece of plastic. We used the Stratos card for a few weeks to test out the credit card of the future. Here's how it went.

Will iOS 9 finally let the iPad replace your laptop?

Apple has announced that iOS 9 will bring multi-tasking to the iPad at long last, but are dreams of replacing your laptop achievable, or still overly optimistic?

Somebody get these tech companies on Tinder, because they need to hook up

Corporate mergers have a bad reputation for burning consumers, but sometimes two combined companies can produce exactly what we’re dying for. Here are four hook ups we would love to see.