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Got 50 bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Here’s the best tech to spend it on

Now that TVs and tablets cost more than ever, everyone is on a lookout for electronics on the cheap. Check out our favorite tech accessories for under $50, whether you're looking for a fitness tracker or a means of capturing photos from…

Apple exec Jimmy Iovine talks Apple Music expansion

There are a lot of alternatives in the world of streaming entertainment. Apple Music is one of many occupying that space, and its exec Jimmy Iovine has an idea about where things are headed.

Apple AirPod ad campaign begins with limited product availability

A dancer by the name of Lil Buck showcases the "freedom" of the new Apple AirPods in a series of TV spots also viewable on YouTube. Whether you want them or not, the earbuds may not be available immediately for order.

Ready to change the way you cook? Four appliance trends from KBIS 2017

Wondering what will be hot for cooking and kitchens this year? KBIS 2017, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, gave us a look at what manufacturers have lined up when it comes to new appliances.
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9 famous actors who started out as child stars

Some child actors fall off the map once puberty hits, while others move on to bigger and better things as they age. Here we've listed some of today's biggest stars who started out in their school days.
Movies & TV

Holy Legos! Batman's Lego Batmobile debuts in Detroit

The Lego Batman movie opens next month, and in advance of the release, fans at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit got to check out a life-sized version of the Dark Knight's ride.

The 5 best walkie-talkies you can buy

Walkie-talkies aren't dead -- after all, they allow us to communicate in areas with little to no cell reception. That said, these five radios will keep you in contact with your loved ones, regardless if they're 50 miles away or submerged in…
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Showdown in the South China Sea: China’s artificial islands explained

For the last few years, China has been building artificial islands in the South China Sea, a highly contested region. These islands are a symbol of China's mighty infrastructure, and a potential threat to the environment and political…

Runtastic’s new Results update focuses on women’s weight training

The new Runtastic Results app features improved fitness routines and features geared specifically toward women.
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Picture this: A new imaging technology might better detect disease

HySP imaging technology allows researchers to distinctly identify different proteins and molecules. Could it help in finding disease? That's what researchers at USC plan to do next.

How to connect the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller to a PC 1:13

Gaming with a keyboard and mouse can frustrate even the most patient gamers. Swap out the traditional hardware for that DualShock 4 controller sitting on your coffee table with our step-by-step breakdown.