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Everything we know about the new season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

After more than five years, Larry David and HBO are bringing back Curb Your Enthusiasm for one more season in 2017. Here is everything we know about the new season, including release dates, casting, and plot details.
Cool Tech

Data science artist shows 'virality' of 'Pokémon Go' with data visualization

Swiss artist and data scientist Kirell Benzi has created a stunning data visualization project to show how 'Pokémon Go' exploded in popularity online, as seen through the spread of YouTube videos.

‘The Division’ update overhauls late-game elements to make it more challenging

Publisher Ubisoft has launched a major update for its squad-based third-person shooter 'The Division' that rebalances a number of crucial late-game elements in a bid to make a "more even playing field."

Apple may be further along with iMessage for Android than previously thought

It seems as though the rumors that Apple is developing an iMessage for Android aren't dead yet. In fact, the company may have even made mockups of the app for Android, according to recent reports.
Home Theater

Here’s what’s new on HBO in November, and what’s going away

Whether you're a cable lover or a staunch cord-cutter, there's never been a better time to get down with HBO. Follow us to find out what's new to the network each month, and what's going away.
Social Media

Fraud alert! Researchers discover new method to spot phony posts online

By sifting through reviews, comment threads, and tweets, researchers have developed a method to detect “astroturfing” -- the practice of a single user, bot, or organization posting through multiple accounts in an attempt to fabricate…
Virtual Reality

Courtside cameras weren’t enough. This year, the NBA is doing VR right

The NBA is finally immersing itself deeply into virtual reality with 24 minute documentaries and more live streamed games. Digital Trends spoke with Jeff Marsillo, the NBA's Vice President of Global Media Distribution, about the future of…

‘Dishonored 2’ protagonist Emily Kaldwin’s abilities reflect her royal status

Dishonored 2 is playable with original protagonist Corvo Attano, but the focus this time around is largely on Emily Kaldwin and her set of powers. Her abilities help to reflect her status as empress.

Microsoft is adding windowed messaging and more to the Outlook Mail app

Windows 10 Insiders on the Fast Ring have received some new features that definitely make the Outlook Mail client a good deal more functional, including windowed message support and more.

Zotac unloads three special edition products to celebrate 10 years of excellence

To celebrate 10 years of "excellence," Zotac serves up three new special edition products: a GTX 1080 graphics card, a Magnus miniature PC, and an SSD. The company also said it refined its VR Go backpack, but did not provide any specifics.

WhatsApp is finally getting video calling — but only for Android device owners

It looks like WhatsApp is finally getting video calling -- the feature has been made available to a number of Android users using the beta version. It's likely a stable version of the feature, and the feature on iOS, will come soon.

Close to the Metal Ep. 18: GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti live review

Nvidia's GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti are the company's new budget video cards, with prices that start as low as $110. Can you really use these cards as an upgrade to your existing desktop, and do they beat the competition form AMD?