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Box office hits and misses: Creed goes the distance and Mockingjay survives another week

The next chapter of the Rocky franchise, Creed, enjoyed an impressive opening weekend despite earning less than the final installment of The Hunger Games series and Disney's The Good Dinosaur.

Did VW know fuel efficiency numbers were off a year ago?

According to a new report from German newspaper Bild Am Sonntag, executives at Volkswagen were keeping quite a few secrets from their customers, including the firm's fuel efficiency numbers.

BlackBerry refuses to back down, leaves Pakistan instead of handing over private data

BlackBerry will remove its enterprise and consumer services from Pakistan, following demands from the government for it to provide access to encrypted communications used by its business customers. Service is expected to close at the end of…

You can make Visa contactless payments using the new Swatch Bellamy watch

Swatch has finally introduced its first smartwatch. The Swatch Bellamy might not be as "smart" as other smartwatches, but it'll provide contactless payments globally using Visa, and with UnionPay in China.

Fuming iPhone owner demands compensation after Apple 'wiped away his life'

A London iPhone owner is suing Apple after retail store staff erased his device to cure a problem, deleting photos and contacts at the same time. The man didn't have a backup, and is demanding more than $7,500 compensation.

LG’s $8.7 billion OLED factory might be the birthplace of the OLED iPhone

LG plans to open an OLED factory in 2018, spending $8.7 billion on the facility to build all types of displays. The factory might be the first to manufacture OLED displays for the iPhone, with Apple apparently looking for an OLED supplier.

New Raspberry Pi Zero micro computer is smaller, faster, and costs $5 2:44

The new Raspberry Pi Zero has launched for the holidays and instantly sold out. Costing just $5, it is more powerful and less expensive than the older Raspberry Pi. It is a full-blown programmable computer that can run Linux.

Mercedes will assign its AMG GT sports car to track duty after applying an “R” badge

Mercedes-AMG will build a track-focused AMG GT R sports car complete with more power, less weight, a stiffer suspension, and active aerodynamics. The new model will go on sale late next year.

The Darknet Shopper bot is back on the Deep Web; let’s see what it buys next

The bot designed to shop on the Deep Web is out of police company and shopping again. Its first purchase since being taken into custody for buying ecstasy is pretty tame, but the conversation about internet purchasing rages and people are…
Movies & TV

Director Alex Proyas, Lionsgate apologize for lack of diversity on Gods of Egypt

Lionsgate and director Alex Proyas have apologized for lack of diversity on the upcoming Gods of Egypt film. The fantasy featuring depictions of ancient Egyptian deities is planned to premiere February 26, 2016 in theaters.