Panasonic unveils mirrorless G85, two advanced compacts at Photokina

At Photokina, Panasonic announced three Lumix cameras with improved technologies, including 4K and Post Focus. The mirrorless G85 and LX10 and FZ2500 advanced compacts will arrive before the end of the year.

Hasselblad completes ‘4116 Collection’ with special edition X1D camera

Hasselblad made a ton of waves earlier this year with the announcement of its mirrorless medium format camera, the X1D. It was also the world's first mirrorless medium format digital camera, and today Hasselblad is already announcing a…

A quarter of the Oakland P.D.'s body-cam footage was deleted

While police are scratching their heads as to why the footage was deleted, the department said it has not discovered any cases affected by the incident. The footage was a footnote in the case in which it was discovered.

When flying with lots of camera gear, roll with it with Manfrotto’s Reloader bag

Manfrotto's latest camera bag is designed for travelers -- and it is roomy enough for three cameras and up to eight lenses or even light kits. The bag can also accommodate a tripod and both a tablet and laptop.

Zeiss' latest Sony a7 lens has a flair for manual controls with classic focus

Sony a7-series shooters with a flair for manual controls have a new lens option with the Zeiss 85mm Loxia. The lens has both manual focus and aperture rings and joins the Loxia prime line-up.
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Daughter sues parents for sharing her childhood photos on Facebook

An 18-year-old from Austria is suing her parents for allegedly posting hundreds of photos from her childhood on Facebook despite her protests. She claims the pics, some of which are of an intimate nature, have made her life a misery.

Adobe celebrates the world’s cheesiest stock photos by sticking them on T-shirts

In an effort to spread the word about its own stock photo service, Adobe recently tracked down some of the world's cheesiest stock images and stuck them on T-shirts. And somehow they look kinda cool.

Here’s what ‘bokeh’ is, and how the iPhone 7 Plus fakes it

A key feature of Apple's newly announced iPhone 7 Plus is the much touted camera, and its bokeh effect. But not everyone may know what bokeh is. We explain this photography depth of field effect.

D-Link’s new Wi-Fi security camera gives a wide 180-degree view of your home

D-Link's latest home security camera can show you an entire room without having to pan, tilt, or use a second camera. It shoots in Full HD, offers integrated night vision, and and stores up to a week of 1080p video on a MicroSD card.

A digital polarizing filter is one of over 20 new features inside of Aurora HDR

In a 20+ feature upgrade, Aurora HDR has added a digital polarizing filter to its software. The latest update also offers faster processing, enhanced tone mapping, easy selection tools, and more.

Sorry drones, this 300-foot camera "zipline" can carry over 17 pounds of camera gear

Video sliders are either long or portable, but this 300 foot "slider" fits inside a backpack. That's because the Syrp Slingshot is really more of a zipline for your camera. The question is, are the portability features worth the heavy price…