How to watch Apple’s iPhone 6S event today, and chat with us live

Apple's September event is here. New iPhones, iPads, iOS 9, Apple TV, and Siri are all probably going to be featured at the event. Here's how you can watch Apple's September 9th event live online.

GoPro’s wacky 16-Camera VR rig goes on sale for $15,000

Remember that wacky 16-camera VR GoPro rig Google showed off at its I/O developer bash back in May? Well, the entire kit is now on sale, though you may have a hard time getting hold of it....

The Hampton lady’s purse is actually a DSLR camera bag traveling incognito

For women photographers who find camera bags to be dull or too masculine, the Hampton is designed to look more like a purse. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the bag offers interior compartments to hold a DSLR and other essentials.
Product Review

Kodak PixPro SP360 Review

The footage isn't great, but Kodak's Pixpro makes 360-degree video easy.

What to expect from Apple’s Sept. 9 event: iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, Apple TV, and more

Apple's September 9 event is upon us, and we're expecting to see a lot of new devices and software from the company. Here's everything we expect to see at the event, including the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, iPad Pro, Apple TV, HomeKit, iOS 9…

Canon’s new 250-megapixel camera sensor can read lettering 11 miles away

Canon has developed a 250-megapixel camera sensor sensitive enough to read lettering on the side of an aircraft up to 11 miles (18 km) away. However, the technology is likely to be used in specialized surveillance kit rather than its next…
Cool Tech

This 3D map is like a CT scan of Earth itself

In the first ever 3D CT scan of Earth, seismologists have managed to create a "sharp, three-dimensional scan of Earth’s interior" that, among other things, details the origins of volcanoes.

Apple’s ‘spaceship’ HQ making fast progress, latest drone video shows

A steady stream of drone videos showing construction progress on Apple's "spaceship" campus have been landing on YouTube since last year, though this latest one offers a little more.
Social Media

Instagram can now predict who America’s Next Top Model will be

Have no fear -- Instagram is here! No longer just a platform for making your life look enviable, Instagram is now being used to predict who the next stars of international fashion runways will be.

In Australia this Labor Day weekend? Flash a smile in the world’s largest selfie

Nothing screams Labor Day like a beaming selfie, and if you're lucky enough to be in Australia for the long weekend, you may want to consider participating in what is being called the world's biggest selfie.

Man loses job offer after texting naked selfies to HR manager

Clearly an efficient way to lose a job before you even start, a Chicago man discovered that sending nude photos of himself to the female HR director at his new company was actually a bad idea.