Brevite’s new camera backpacks keep your pricey gear on the down-low

Brevite has two new backpacks that expand on the young company's reputation for incognito camera bags. The new Rolltop and Rucksack are built around a similar feature set, and accommodate Brevite's standard camera compartment.

Otterbox’s Universe case turns your iPhone into a jack of all trades 2:10

The Otterbox Universe Case System turns your iPhone 6/6S or iPhone 6/6SS Plus into a Jack of all Trades with third-party accessories that you can snap onto the case. Swap out different modules in seconds for more functionality…
Cool Tech

This startup is launching a 360 cam into space so we can see Earth in VR

SpaceVR wants to bring the universe to your living room and is one step closer to this goal, having signed an agreement with investor and partner NanoRacks to launch its first virtual reality camera satellite in 2017.

Canon DSLR used to shoot short film ‘Noatak: Return to the Arctic’

With the 4K Canon EOS-1D C DSLR in hand, the filmmakers of The Muir Project headed deep into the Alaskan wilderness to tell the story of two longtime friends, now in their 70s, as they reunited to paddle the remote Noatak river.

Ikea's $8 Lack table makes for one simple DIY product photography booth

DSLR Video Shooter shows how you can easily build a product photography booth using Ikea's $8 Lack side table, some white foam core, paper, lamp, and a little elbow grease.

New Olympic record: Getty publishes photos shortly after they've been taken

Getty's team of photographers and editors at the Summer Olympics in Rio can shoot, upload, edit, and share images in as little as two minutes. The system that enables them to do so was seven years in the making.

A squirrel stole a GoPro, took it up a tree, and you can watch it all POV

Squirrels are best known for scurrying about and looking cute, though any more videos like this one and they could soon earn a reputation as skillful and daring camera operators, too.

Instagram users, a handy ‘save draft’ feature is likely on its way

Instagram is testing a "save draft" feature so you can resume editing at a later date. The feature also functions as a place to store final edits for immediate posting later on, at a time of your choosing.

7 tips to save your trip when a tech meltdown grounds your flight

With Delta’s recent computer outage, the trend of technology disrupting air travel – in a bad way – is becoming the norm. Here are 7 ways you can take control of the situation.

Samyang unveils fast and furious 20mm f/1.8 lens for full-frame cameras

Samyang has continued its impressive release schedule, announcing another manual focus lens. This time around, Samyang went fast and wide with its brand-new 20mm f/1.8 ED AS UMC lens.

Photographer catches man wearing his stolen gear during Rio Olympics

Brett Costello, a photojournalist covering the Olympics, had his gear – worth $40,000 – stolen right in front of him. In an interesting turn of events, Costello later spots a man using his equipment.

No refunds: F-Stop Gear cancels crowdfunded RFID camera-tracking system

After a year and a half with no progress being made, KitSentry, the gear-tracking camera bag innovation from F-Stop Gear, is officially dead. F-Stop broke the news in a letter posted on Kickstarter, apologizing to backers.