Got $600,000? Bid on a lens used in the Apollo 15 mission

RR Auction is planning on putting a vintage Zeiss 500mm telephoto lens up for bidding later in April, a piece of equipment that once sat in the personal collection of former astronaut Dave Scott.

Shoot better photos with your Android phone by following these simple rules

Android phones can take some pretty good photos, so long as you know what you're doing. Here are some basic tips and tricks, from lighting to composition, for taking your smartphone photography to the next level.
Virtual Reality

The Orah 4i camera stitches virtual reality and live-streaming together

Imagine sitting down to watch a live sports match, but instead of turning on the TV, you reach for your VR headset. The Orah 4i virtual reality camera doesn't just capture 360-degree footage, but it also live-streams it.

Samsung’s next wearable could be a smart contact lens called Gear Blink

Forget Google Glass. Samsung's next big thing could be a smart contact lens. According to a new patent, It has a tiny display and a camera that you can control by blinking your eye.

Burberry products now carry Snapchat tags that link to first-of-its-kind fashion channel

High-end fashion brand Burberry has introduced Snapchat QR codes on the tags of selected items tied to its new range of grooming products. The Snapcodes link to exclusive content on its first-ever Discover channel on the app.

Instagram disables a mom’s account for posting this photo of a cake

Instagram clearly needs to sort out its breast-detecting algorithms. The photo-sharing service, which doesn't do nudity, recently disabled the account of a British mom when its robocops decided her photo of a cake looked too much like a…

How to dodge roaming fees and still stay connected abroad

Wireless providers around the world make a significant amount off international travelers by way of roaming fees. With the right tools, you can stay in touch while keeping fees to a minimum, or even zilch.
Social Media

In celebration of Web culture, Webby Awards announces its 2016 nominees

If there's one place on Earth where improvement is constant, it's the Internet. And now, to celebrate exactly how little you can't do online, the Webby Awards are back for its 20th year.

Facebook uses AI to help the blind ‘see’ images

Facebook introduced a feature called automatic alternate text that uses artificial intelligence to 'read' image contents for people who use screen readers on iOS devices. Richer image descriptions will be read aloud when users swipe past…

Instagram’s rich kids are revealing their super-rich parents’ hidden assets

Instagram's rich kids are unknowingly helping investigators seize their super-rich parents' hidden assets, worth millions of dollars, thanks to their lavish social media posts, according to a new report.

Fujifilm’s Instax analog camera is outselling its digital devices by nearly 4 times

Sales of standalone digital cameras may be faltering, but Fujifilm is enjoying some solid success with its Instax analog shooters, an instant-camera format that gives you a print in hand within seconds of taking the shot.