Rock Band creator launches music-driven pet sim BeatNiks

Rock Band and Guitar Hero creator Harmonix taps the mobile market for its latest release, leveraging its experience in the rhythm genre for a new music-driven virtual pet simulation titled BeatNiks for iOS and Android devices.

Apple Music goes live for Android users on Google Play store 3:06

Apple have released an Android version of their previously iOS-exclusive Apple Music app, aiming to engage smartphone users regardless of what operating system they prefer to listen through.

BlackBerry has other devices planned, but Priv market performance will impact company’s future projects

BlackBerry will not give up on the hardware business yet, but its chief executive, John Chen, did say sales of the Priv would sway future decisions in an interview with Fox Business news anchor Liz Claman.

Cracked Nexus 6P? You're not the only one

Early Nexus 6P units may have a design flaw causing the rear panel, which houses the camera, to crack spontaneously. The cracks are apparently happening within 24 hours of taking delivery of the device, pointing to a severe manufacturing…
Social Media

Periscope Android update lets you fast-forward and rewind video replays

Periscope is updating its Android app to include fast-forward and rewind options for video replays. The new functions are also available on the Web version of the Twitter-owned video broadcasting service.
Home Theater

Is this an Android tablet, or a massive Bluetooth speaker? You decide while we party 2:30

The BeBox may be a Bluetooth speaker, but it is anything but just another Bluetooth speaker. Armed with an integrated Android tablet, HDMI output, 8-hour rechargeable battery, and a very serious speaker compliment, the BeBox is…

Huawei’s all-metal G8 smartphone shows up internationally as the G7 Plus

Huawei launched the G8 in September, and it's a killer in the mid-range market, with an all-metal design, Snapdragon 615 processor, and 3GB of RAM, but it doesn't look like it will be coming to the United States anytime soon.

Third-party websites are getting a lot of your personal data from your mobile apps

Here's an alarming statistic -- on average, the most popular iPhone and Android apps are sending your data to three different online services. That's probably three more than you were aware of.

Google may be working on a Nexus-style chip to power future smartphones

Google is rumored to be considering a move into designing its own smartphone processor. Much like Apple, Google would gain more control over the performance and potential future applications, should it go ahead with the project.

Watch out! This Android malware melds to your OS, and is near impossible to delete

A particularly nasty new Android malware threat has been identified by security experts Lookout. Described as 'trojanized adware,' it masquerades as a legitimate app and gains root access to your phone, making it impossible to uninstall.

Fallout 4’s Pip-Boy companion app out now for iOS and Android

Bethesda has released its free Fallout 4 companion app Fallout Pip-Boy via Google Play and the iTunes App Store, equipping survivors with an array of helpful tools for their journey through a post-apocalyptic Boston.

The PuzzlePhone is the modular smartphone that will satisfy your inner geek craving

Wouldn't it be cool to own a smartphone that you could easily upgrade or repair? The PuzzlePhone, from Finnish startup Circular Devices, aims to make this a reality with its modular design components.