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'I will destroy all humans,' Audrey Hepburn-inspired robot tells its creator

A lifelike customer service robot inspired by Audrey Hepburn just said it would destroy all humans in an interview with CNBC -- after her creator, David Hanson, asked, “Do you want to destroy all humans? Please say no.”

25 must-have apps for rooted Android phones and tablets

Rooting your Android device opens up a world of possibilities, along with a few apps. Here are 24 of our favorites, so you can make the most of your rooted device and unleash the true power of Android.

Android dominates, as Windows phone sales dip to less than one percent worldwide

Android is clearly the OS of choice right now, with 86 percent of the phones sold in the last quarter using the Google-developed operating system. Apple's sales percentage continues to fall, though the other competitors are far worse off.

Meizu's next phone looks like a Samsung Note 7 merged with an iPhone

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu is going to announce a new device on Sept. 3, and it's likely the Meizu Pro 6 Plus. From leaked renders so far, it looks like a blend of the iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy Note 7.

Russian court dismisses Google's appeal in antitrust case

Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service has levied a $6.8 million fine against Google for abusing its market position with its Android mobile operating system. The FAS claims that Google puts its own apps and services ahead of rival services.

Ex-Apple CEO's new Android phone makes its way to the U.K.

Ex Apple CEO John Sculley has a new project -- the Obi Worldphone. The new device has just been launched in the U.K., costing a measly 99 pounds. The phone is already available in Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

Spending some facetime with Duo, Google's ultra-simple new video chat app

Google finally debuted Duo, a long-awaited cross-platform video messenger for Android and iOS. Just how does it compare to the myriad of other chat apps on the market? We run it through its paces to find out.

Report: Sony phones crash least often, Nexus phones are updated fastest

According to a recent report from Apteligent, Google Nexus devices have the best overall user experience when it comes to Android phones. In second place is Motorola, though some suggest this could change under Lenovo's guidance.

Don’t panic, but a bug in Linux is leaving 80% of all Android users open to hacks

A newly discovered bug in Linux reportedly has left as many as 80 percent of all Android users open to being hacked. The bug basically allows hackers to intercept internet connections and insert malicious code into them.

20 emulators for classic gaming fun on Android phones

You don't have to have a desktop machine in order to emulate your favorite games of yesteryear. These 20 emulators are available for Android devices, and allow you to replay your favorite Atari-era titles on the go.

Treat yo selfie with one of these 12 apps made to beautify your pics

Selfies might be a global phenomenon second only to karaoke, but they're not the easiest to perfect. Check out our roundup of the best smartphone apps for beautifying your self portrait, so you can whiten those teeth and refine those skin…

BlackBerry is the first major phone maker to patch QuadRooter exploits

A new Android vulnerability dubbed "Quadrooter" is perhaps the broadest ever. It affects more than 900 million devices containing widely distributed hardware by chipmaker Qualcomm.