Epson's printers weave high-fashion with advanced imaging technology 3:05

Epson took over New York Fashion Week yet again for a day this year -- it's the company's third year showcasing its Digital Couture project, where fashion and technology blend at the seams.

Save up to 80 percent on ink with Epson’s new cartridge-free EcoTank printers

Epson's new ET-2600 and ET-2650 all-in-ones use “supersized” ink tanks and include a generous helping of ink in the box: enough for 4,000 pages in black or 6,500 in color — or two years' worth of ink.

The Epson 12000XL does more with less with faster speed and energy-freindly LEDs

Epson's high-end 17 inch scanner is getting both faster and more conservative -- with energy use anyways -- with the 12000XL. The scanners are designed for photographers, graphic artists and even forensic labs.

Epson’s portable DS-320 scanner can save 25 pages per minute

Built for professionals on the go, the portable scanner can be plugged into a wall or powered straight over a USB connection. It features a 20-page automatic document feeder and can save files straight to Dropbox and Google Drive.

Epson embraces color with new SureColor P5000 10-ink gallery-level printer

Epson's gallery-level printer is getting upgraded with enhanced color accuracy, thanks the new orange and green inks. The 17-inch printer also boasts twice the print life of earlier generations.

Epson did the impossible: It got us excited about a scanner

Epson's new FastFoto FF-640 is touted as the world's fastest. Capable of scanning 4x6-inch prints as fast as one per second, we take a first-look at Epson's latest peripheral.

What do you get when four imaging companies work together on color calibration?

Color calibration has just gotten simpler for photographers --- if they use a certain monitor and printer, that is. Quick Color Match Pro speeds up the color calibration process for photographers using Eizo monitors and a Canon or Epson…
Cool Tech

Epson and DJI team up to let you fly drones with augmented reality

This partnership will bring about the first mass-market consumer application of AR drone piloting with the aim of improving safety and increasing the capabilities of drones for both consumers and professionals.
Home Theater

Epson unveils new wallet-friendly projectors with 4K and HDR

Looking for a 4K projector with HDR for less than $3,000? That was impossible until today, when Epson unveiled its latest Home Cinema and Pro Cinema projectors, two of which are priced under $3,000 and all of which are under $4,000.

The 5 coolest things at Augmented World Expo 2016

Augmented World Expo this year was home to a ton of cool new gadgets and technologies. Here are a few of the coolest we saw at the show, from augmented reality glasses to fitness tracking wearables.
Cool Tech

Epson’s new paper recycler uses waste paper to create fresh sheets right in your office

PaperLab keeps paper recycling in-house to cut down on logistical costs and natural resources that are overused in traditional recycling processes. The compact office machine creates clean paper from the broken down paper fibers…

Whether you're a rebel or an imperial, these Epson Star Watches will delight

How would you like to be taken to a galaxy far, far with every glance at the time? These Epson Smart Canvas Star Wars watches will do just that whether you're an imperial or a rebel.