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Ice Cream Sandwich ported to Samsung Galaxy S II

Android hackers have been able to port a semi-functional version of Google's latest version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code is now officially available

Google releases the source code for the newest version of Android named Ice Cream Sandwich. While this doesn't mean that Android users can put Ice Cream Sandwich on their phones today, it is the first step in the long process from software to phone.

Google is giving away 10 Galaxy Nexus phones in Twitter contest

Google is giving away 10 Galaxy Nexus phones to 10 lucky winners over the course of a 10 day contest conducted over Twitter.

Rumor: The HTC Edge might be the world’s first Quad-core phone

Images and specs of an unannounced quad-core HTC Android phone have surfaced. The HTC Edge is rumored to house a quad-core 1.5GHz Nvidia 3 processor, and all of the other bells and whistles.

Android hardware failure rate higher than iPhone and Blackberry

Of the four leading smartphone operating systems Google's Android has the highest rate of hardware failure, and costs cell phone carriers $2 billion a year in repairs and returns.

Pictures of the Droid 4 leak out

Photos of the still unannounced Droid 4 have surfaced. The Droid 4 looks to be a complete redesign from the Droid 3 with what looks to be a thinner profile and styling that matches the Droid RAZR.

Sony phasing out feature phones, banking on Smartphones

Now that Sony completely owns the Sony Ericsson phone company it has decided to start phasing out feature phones. This means that Sony will most likely be basing its future on the Android operating system.

Apple awarded patent for unlocking touchscreens

If you own a phone or tablet that requires you to slide the screen to unlock the device then it is now officially infringing on Apple's latest patent. Apple now owns the patent for unlocking touchscreen devices with a sliding motion.

BlackBerry trade-ins reach all time high

Due to the recent BlackBerry outage and the iPhone 4S announcement BlackBerry owners are trading-in their devices more than ever before.

Update: Motorola to release Ice Cream Sandwich information 6 weeks after public release, updated again

Motorola tweets plans to release new hardware six weeks after the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich software.

Jobs wanted to ‘destroy’ Android, biography says

According to the forthcoming Steve Jobs biography, the Apple co-founder was intent on destroying Google's Android mobile operating system, as he considered it to be a "stolen product."

iOS 5 accounts for 20% of all iOS web traffic after only five days

In just five days iOS 5 has become the second most popular version of iOS, and accounts for 20% of all iOS web traffic.

Droid RAZR image leaked, shows off a super slim figure

A leaked image of the rumored Droid RAZR appears a day before the October 18 Motorola press event. The Droid RAZR is rumored to be an extremely thin Android phone on Verizon's 4G LTE network.

Samsung and Google reschedule Ice Cream Sandwich announcement to October 19

Samsung and Google announce the rescheduled Android Ice Cream Sandwich event to October 19 in Hong Kong. Due to the time difference the event will happen at 10PM EST October 18 and will be live streamed on YouTube.

Nearly 7 percent of U.S. traffic comes from handheld devices

With more consumers breaking out smartphones and tablets to browse through the Web, the percentage of U.S. traffic that's attributed to handheld devices is on the rise.

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