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Android 14 logo on the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

When is my phone getting Android 14? Here’s everything we know

Android 14 starting rolling out in the final months of 2023. But when is your phone getting Android 14? Here's everything you need to know.
here are the best features of android 11 beta

The Android 11 beta is out! Here are all the best features

android o notificiations

Could Android O be released August 21?

You know all that data your smartphone is sharing? It doesn't really serve a purpose to begin with

5 places android could go next chip brain feature

5 places Android has yet to conquer, but probably will soon

Google I/O

Google discusses the future of Android in its annual fireside chat

ZTE joins Sony, Samsung, and LG, signs deal with Microsoft to pay Android royalties

Android Laptop Lid

Would an Android laptop be worth buying? Probably not

Helpful tips and tricks for Android ‘Jelly Bean’ users

Android System Recovery

Android may be ‘Open,’ but who gives a crap?

tear down the ecosystem wall and access your media collection with qvivo featured image

Tear down the ecosystem wall and access your media collection on nearly any device with QVIVO.

iPhone 5 ranks 5th in user satisfaction in U.S. behind four Android phones

The Ouya console is coming soon to a retailer near you

Many hyped-up Kickstarter projects get delayed but Android video game console Ouya is right on schedule. The device is out in March for Kickstarter backers.

Android gamers’ new best friend, Moga, has a price and release date

Mobile Weekly Wrap: Easy app access and Blackberry’s comeback attempt

New mascot, Cid, for CyanogenMod 9

Still running Gingerbread? CyanogenMod 9 circumvents Google for long overdue Android updates

Android and Windows 8 together on one device? That could be Asus’ Computex 2012 surprise


Choiix Power Fort 5600: Bite-sized portable battery charges with speed and style

how to maximize battery life on your android phone or tablet fp

How to maximize battery life on your Android phone or tablet


Facebook more popular than many Google apps on Android phones

Droid 4 leaked image

Rumor: Droid 4 and Galaxy Nexus to be released on December 8

Ice Cream Sandwich ported to Samsung Galaxy S II

Android Ice Cream Sandwich large

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code is now officially available

Google is giving away 10 Galaxy Nexus phones in Twitter contest

HTC Endeavor

Rumor: The HTC Edge might be the world’s first Quad-core phone

Android hardware failure rate higher than iPhone and Blackberry

Pictures of the Droid 4 leak out

Sony phasing out feature phones, banking on Smartphones

the patent war just got more interesting apple awarded for unlocking touchscreens batterycharge

Apple awarded patent for unlocking touchscreens

rim launches new blackberry curve lacks touch 9350

BlackBerry trade-ins reach all time high


Update: Motorola to release Ice Cream Sandwich information 6 weeks after public release, updated again

Jobs wanted to ‘destroy’ Android, biography says

hands on with ios 5

iOS 5 accounts for 20% of all iOS web traffic after only five days

Droid RAZR image leaked, shows off a super slim figure