The new iOS app that brings back the old days of photography

After you snap a mobile photo with WhiteAlbum, the picture disappears — it's only when you receive a printed, physical copy of it in the post that you find out how good your shot was.


See the world on a budget with these great travel websites

Vacation logistics often incite more stress than they should. Plan your next getaway with ease by taking a look at our favorite travel sites from around the Web. They can help you no matter if you're looking to land the cheapest flight or figure out what to do…


Best iPhone fitness apps

Lose pounds or just get in shape with the best iPhone health and fitness apps. From tools for tracking calories to workout companions and even a sleep monitor app to make waking up easier.


AllCast finally lands on iOS, opens up a bevy of screen-mirroring options

AllCast allows iOS devices to stream from Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox and a plethora of other file hosting sites. The app is also compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku devices, Apple TV and Xbox.


IBM reveals the differences between iOS and Android Christmas spending habits

IBM has been crunching the Christmas shopping data, and while there are more Android devices out there, iOS users lead the way in terms of online browsing, online purchases and purchase amounts.


Leaked images show first look at WhatsApp calling

The plans that WhatsApp and owner Facebook have for world domination include voice calling capabilities, and we now have our first look at how that might work thanks to a set of screenshots.


New iOS Kindle app opens up buffet of Kindle Unlimited books

Amazon updated its Kindle app for iOS with Kindle Unlimited book browsing, Goodreads recommendations, and more. The new discovery features put the Kindle app back on par with Scribd and Oyster, its biggest competitors.


Interested in stocks? Robinhood lets you trade for free

Specifically targeting Millennials that are interested in dabbling in the stock market, Robinhood is a new application for the iPhone that lets investors trade stocks without paying a single fee.


Nokia’s Here Maps is here now for Android, here next year for iOS

Nokia's Here Maps is now available on all Android devices from the Google Play Store. Most of Here Maps' best features, such as voice-guided navigation and real-time traffic reports are available. The map app is slated to arrive on iOS in 2015.


iPhone 6 makes iOS a success in the UK, but Android fights back in Japan

New research shows the iPhone 6 has been a big hit in the UK, with the company's market share increasing by more than 10 percent, eating into Android's lead. However, in Japan, Android has fought back.


Mozilla’s changed its mind, confirms work on Firefox for iPhone and iPad

Mozilla's Firefox Web browser is coming to iOS in the near future. Mozilla executives confirmed its working on a version of Firefox for iOS users, after months of refusing to do so.


Twiddle your thumbs: Pandora’s new app let’s you tweak your past tastes

Pandora has released a revamped mobile app to select Pandora users on iOS and Android that brings a streamlined interface, more ways to personalize stations, and easier access to artist information.


Apple offers up more details on next year’s Apple Watch

Keen to get the very latest official word on the Apple Watch? The Cupertino company has updated its official site to offer up a more detailed look of how the wearable's software works.


“Affluent” iOS users spent more over Thanksgiving than Android users

iOS user? Android fan? If you fall into the former camp then statistically speaking you spent about 25 percent more on each purchase than people on Google-powered devices over the holiday.


Cortana runs rings around Siri — at least according to Microsoft

Confused by the differences between Google Now, Siri and Cortana? Microsoft is pulling no punches when it comes to helping you make a decision with its latest ad comparing Siri to Cortana.