iPod Touch

All hand sizes catered for — Samsung doubles Galaxy Player line-up with introduction of 3.6 and 4.2 PMPs

Samsung has announced two new portable media players, the 3.6 and 4.2 Galaxy Players.

Android Army

Childcare experts caution parents over kids’ tablet time

As our children become increasingly capable with new technology, a number of experts have begun to weigh in on the potential harm overexposure to devices like tablets can have on young children.


Can Apple keep up against fake copycat app developers?

With unscrupulous game developers looking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting iOS users, Apple didn't respond with decisive action against these poor applications until the press brought attention to the problem.


Tablet ownership nearly doubles in January

Since millions of Americans became new tablet owners after unwrapping gifts during the holidays last month, tablet ownership has skyrocketed in just a few weeks.


An Engineer builds wearable LED TV vest

An engineer from Arizona has created wearable television using a bunch of LEDs, an iPod Touch and some ingenuity

Cool Tech

Skype plans on providing free Wi-Fi in NYC on New Year’s Eve

With millions of Americans planning New Years celebrations across the country, Skype is reaching out to anyone celebrating in New York City with the gift of free Wi-Fi for the holiday.


Apple applies for patent concerning face recognition on iOS devices

With millions of people activating new iPhones over the holiday weekend, Apple may be working on a way for those new customers to unlock their new smartphone with a simple face scan.


Apple in talks to buy Israeli flash memory company Anobit for $400M-500M: report

Apple is reportedly in talks to buy Israeli hardware company Anobit, which makes a chip that greatly increases the performance of flash memory.


VooMote Zapper dongle lets you control your home theater with an iPhone, iPad

The VooMote Zapper is the latest device to turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a universal remote, potentially putting an end to keeping track of (or losing) dozens of separate remote controls.


Apple expands subscription service to include games

With the seemingly endless amount of mobile gaming apps filling up the App Store, Apple is providing the ability for gaming publishers to provide an option of subscribing to access multiple games.


Gmail iOS app returns to App Store

The fix is in: Google returns the Gmail iOS app to the Apple App Store bug-free.


Gmail iPhone app goes live, promptly removed due to bug

Gmail releases-then pulls-its buggy iOS app.


Rumor: Gmail iPhone app coming soon

Rumor has it that Google is preparing to launch a native Gmail app for Apple's iOS devices.


Our favorite hidden features of iOS 5

After you've gotten through the iOS 5 update, check out these under-the-hood features Apple packed into the upgrade.