Barnes & Noble nears the end of an era: International Nook Store closes in August

After closing its Luxembourg office and buying out Microsoft's investment in Nook Media, Barnes & Noble is taking the next step in shutting down its ebook operations. The international Nook store will close on August 7, 2015.


Kindle Voyage vs. Nook GlowLight vs. Kobo Aura H2O: Battle of the ebook readers

All of these ebook readers offer a great reading experience out in the sun or under the covers at night, but which one should you buy? Our in-depth comparison of their design, display, lights and more reveals which of these dedicated readers is best.


B&N makes a play for your ears, launches its own Nook audiobook app

Barnes & Noble added a new Nook Audiobooks app to its Android app selection. The app is free and comes with two free audiobook downloads. B&N says an iOS version will arrive in spring 2015.


Buy a book from Barnes & Noble and get the Nook ebook version for $5

If you buy a book at Barnes & Noble, you can get the Nook ebook version for just $5. The promotion is part of the new B&N Sync Up service and is geared toward holiday shoppers.


Dear B&N: We’ll miss your originality now that the Nook is just another Tab

Barnes & Noble’s partnership with Samsung means one more piece of boring, unoriginal hardware from a company that used to make its name with unique, standout features.


Despite poor sales, Barnes & Noble plan to release another Nook

Looking for more ways to regain sales momentum within the growing digital book market, bookseller Barnes & Noble will launch another color Nook device before the start of Summer 2014.


Barnes & Noble digital division plummeting due to poor Nook sales

Likely attributed to heavy competition with online retailer Amazon, Barnes & Noble has announced a significant loss on the digital side of the business due to lack of interest in the Nook platform.

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5 reasons to liberate your ebooks from their DRM prison

Protect the books you paid for from Amazon, Google, and the whims of any other bookseller who wants to control where and how many times you can access them. Break the DRM and keep a local backup you control.


‘Nook Video’ app joins Android and iPad, takes on Netflix and Amazon Video

Barnes & Noble released Nook Video apps on iOS and Android this week and recently updated its ebook reader apps to bring them up to par with the experience on the Nook HD. There's very little exclusive to B&N's home-grown tablets left, anymore.


Price cut: Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight now $100, updated version could be in the works

Barnes & Noble is now offering its Simple Touch with GlowLight e-reader for $99, down from $119. The device's second price cut in just under a year could indicate that a refreshed model is in the works.


Barnes & Noble CEO resigns following Nook losses

William Lynch on Monday resigned as CEO of Barnes & Noble after struggling to make a success of the bookseller’s move into the digital market with its range of Nook tablets and e-readers.


Nook Simple Touch may soon get Web and email: Here are three more things we want

A leaked memo reveals that Barnes & Noble may add a browser and email app to the Nook Simple Touch and GlowLight. If the bookseller in the updating mood, there are three other features we'd like to see come to the E Ink Nooks.


Want a Nook Simple Touch for just $20? There is a catch … you have to go to Radio Shack

Barnes & Noble Nook devices are getting discounts all over the place. This time it's the two year old Nook Simple Touch going for a super low price. To get one of these you'll have to go into a Radio Shack in person, but this eReader is worth it.


Microsoft bullies Foxconn into paying it for every Android and Chrome product it makes

Microsoft has brought Foxconn on-board for their Android and Chrome patent licenses. The two were involved in a lawsuit back in 2011 over unlicensed software on the Nook tablet.