Skype Lite is Skype's new 13MB Android app for areas with low connectivity

Skype Lite is "the new Skype built for India to help you stay connected on the go." Targeted at the burgeoning market in the country, Skype Lite seeks to address a number of pain points specific to developing countries.

Skype is jazzing up its app with four new features to help you ‘express yourself’

Skype is testing out four new features for its app. Aimed at offering new ways to express yourself, they include in-call reactions, integrated camera, messaging reactions, and find panel.

Amazon launches a Skype competitor in the form of Amazon Chime

Amazon just keeps finding ways to help your small business grow. The latest offering to emerge from the online retail giant is Amazon Chime, a new project from Amazon Web Services.

White House adds press room ‘Skype seats’ for remote reporters

Branching out beyond the traditional press core, the White House is extending video conferencing access via Skype to reporters that simply don't have the resources to fly to Washington D.C. for briefings.

You could soon run Skype meetings in your Volvo at the touch of a button

Volvo has announced its 90 Series models will use Microsoft's Skype for Business to improve in-car conferencing and productivity. This marks the first time an automaker has implanted the software in a vehicle.

Need to book a trip? Just have an Expedia chatbot help you through Skype

You make plans with your friends and family members via Skype, so why not loop in the most important person of all? Your travel agent. On Monday, Expedia launched a new chatbot, this one on the video chatting platform.

You may soon make calls, send texts, manage contacts through a Skype app

Skype wants to be your smartphone's new control center. Skype Mingo is an attempt to turn Skype into your default app for all your major smartphone functions, including calling, texting, and contact management.

What language barrier? Skype can now translate calls to mobile phones, landlines

Skype has offered users real-time translation tools for calls from one Skype account to another for over a year, but now this functionality is being extended to calls made to mobile phones and landlines.

Microsoft enlarges its tent by extending Insider program to Skype

Staying ahead of the curve with Microsoft software is as easy as joining one of its many Insider Programs and now you can do the same with Skype. Users on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows can all join up to get the updates before anyone else.

Microsoft’s Slack killer has arrived but only as a preview for businesses

The Microsoft Teams collaboration tool has debuted, but only as a preview for customers subscribed to Office 365 Enterprise or Business plans. It is similar to Slack, but is integrated with Skype and Office applications.

Skype is finally getting a fresh, modern new look on Android and iOS

Microsoft is launching an update to the Skype app that should not only make the app look more modern, but make it a little easier to use too. The update will roll out to users over the next few weeks.

Hackers could reconstruct your typing by listening to your keystrokes over Skype

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine and in Italy have created a system capable of working out what a person is typing by listening to their keyboard strokes over Skype.