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Microsoft's Dream Job partners will help you prepare for your next position

Microsoft reaches across its product line and to outside sources for a Dream Job program using Word, Sway, Skype, career expert Maxie McCoy, and Moo. The idea is to help people gain confidence and create a professional image while on a job…

Skype drops support for older Windows Phone, Android devices

Skype's moving to the cloud, and Microsoft says that older Windows Phone and Android devices aren't compatible with their plans. But will the announcement give Windows Phone users a push to upgrade?

Microsoft’s new Skype Meetings caters to the Office 365 Business crowd

Microsoft's Skype Meetings is a business-focused, web-based videoconference service that offers Office 365 integration for paid users. Up to 10 people can use it free for 60 days, then three people thereafter unless you subscribe

Encrypted messaging app Wire now lets you share your location with contacts

Encrypted messaging app Wire, backed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis, now lets you share your location. All the conversation content in the app is end-to-end encrypted, and you can now set a compromise location where everyone in your thread…

New Mexico murder conviction overturned due to an illegal interview through Skype

The New Mexico Supreme Court ordered a retrial of a 2012 murder conviction because the forensic analyst was interviewed through Skype, which is a violation of constitutional rights. No timeframe was given for the retrial.

Ditch landline phones at home and at work with these VOIP services

Voice over IP services are getting more and more popular, but there are still a few that stand above the pack, in value if nothing else. If you want to make free calls from your home or mobile device, then check out this handy roundup of…

Microsoft and Xiaomi are now ‘strategic partners’

In an unexpected partnership, Microsoft has decided to sell 1,500 patents to Xiaomi. In return, the Chinese company will pre-install Microsoft services like Skype and Microsoft Office on its smartphones and tablets.

The ‘Year of the Linux desktop’ never came, and it never will

Spotify, Skype, and Flash are all Linux programs that are breaking to various degrees in 2016. Are software companies abandoning the platform? And will efforts like Valve's SteamOS ultimately help at all?

They say seeing is believing, so here’s 10 of the best video chat apps available

Though still relatively new, video chat clients help you connect with people all around the globe. Check out our list of the best video chat apps for iOS and Android.

BUILD 2016: Microsoft talks Cortana, Skype, bots, and intelligence APIs

During the BUILD 2016 keynote, Microsoft talked about upcoming features in Cortana and Skype. The personal assistant will be more integrated into Skype, allowing users to make changes to the Calendar or book a hotel.

Skype now has the smarts to book your trip, order pizza, and more with Cortana

Skype may be known for video chatting, but the app is set to play a much more prominent role in your life going forward with Cortana integration and bots, both of which can be helpful in day to day tasks.

Skype quietly kills TV app because most people just use their phones nowadays

Microsoft is pulling the plug on Skype for TV. The company announced that due to the fact that most users now use Skype over mobile, there is no longer a real need for the Skype for TV app.