Message syncing, other updates coming to Skype soon, Microsoft says

If there's anything that's achieved household name status in the tech world, like Bono or Sting, it's Skype. Fortunately for Skype users, Microsoft is developing some updates designed to make it a smoother experience.

How Skype works: What’s behind the premiere online calling service

Skype is more of a household name than the novelty it once was. It's an incredibly convenient, cheap and capable peer-to-peer VoIP service that lets users communicate around the globe via their network connection. Yet, the question remains:…
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‘Have you lurked her texts?’ How the directors of ‘Noah’ captured the pain of Facebook-era dating

A short film takes a look at a relationship imploding after digital miscommunications. It's basically a movie about the pitfalls of using Facebook as a mating call.

Skype achieves video calls with 3D holographic avatars, but don’t hold your breath

How about attending a business meeting at your company where everyone around the table except you is a 3D holographic avatar? If Skype and Microsoft choose to push ahead with their technology, it could become a reality.

Living with a Chromebook for a week is like 7 minutes of heaven, then 7 days of hell

I just finished spending a week using the Chromebook Pixel as my main computer. While things started out pleasant enough, they quickly took a turn for the worse. Here are all the things I couldn't do on my Chromebook.

Now you can Skype straight from your account

Though available for preview in the UK the past few months, Microsoft officially launched Skype integration within today, making it available in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Brazil, France, and Germany.

Skype joins the Start screen club, will come pre-installed in Windows 8.1

Microsoft confirmed today that Skype will come pre-installed in Windows 8.1, making it instantly accessible to anyone buying a new Windows 8.1 PC or anyone updating to the new OS. Skype will take the place of Microsoft's Windows 8 messaging…

Zimmerman trial interrupted by comical barrage of Skype callers

After the Skype disruption during the George Zimmerman murder trial this week, it's clear that law schools should do a better job teaching future attorneys how to handle digital communication in the courtroom.

Free video messaging added to Skype for iOS

Skype for iOS received an update today that gives users the ability to send unlimited video messages. Previous versions capped messages at 20 and made unlimited part of the Premium subscription service. Call stability, improved photo…
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Hands on: Skype evolves into a Snapchat competitor with Video Messages

Feeling the pinch with plenty of competitors in the video messaging space, Skype has joined the game with its own take on video messaging.

Forget texts, send videos instead! Skype enables free unlimited video messaging

Skype announced today that it now lets all of its users (except Windows Phone) send unlimited video messages to other users, free of charge. Previously, non-premium members were limited to just 20 messages total.
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Our favorite hidden hacks to spice up your social networks

Bored of Facebook's emoticons? Tired of Snapchat's color palette? These hidden tips and tricks will take you into the underground, secret side of social networking features that you never knew existed.