Skype soon usable in Microsoft Edge without plugins

Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system and its Edge browser now allow for Skype calls without an additional plugin, thanks to a new API which makes VOIP over the browser easier than ever before.
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Chaplain services make virtual house calls, offer spiritual guidance via Skype

With the rise of telemedicine and other remote medical services, it was only a matter of time before someone decided that counseling would need to go digital. Now, patients can seek spiritual guidance by way of Skype,

Clip & Talk: a Bluetooth headset that tells your doctor when you’re sick

Clip & Talk is one of the most versatile Bluetooth headsets on the market, offering USB connectivity, emergency medical assistance, and a clip for quick access. Five of its seven models are available for less than $100.

Skype for Web beta gets global rollout

Skype for Web beta is now available to users around the world. The free software is compatible with most mainstream browsers and should prove useful if you usually use Skype on your mobile but want to quickly access calls and messages on a…
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Microsoft makes Skype for Web available to all users in the U.S. and U.K.

Skype for Web, Microsoft's browser-based version of the popular messaging platform, is now available to all users in the U.S. and U.K. It isn't without its limitations, though -- its video and audio messaging requires a plugin.

Updated: Skype crash bug fixed, download the new version now

An eight-character message will cause Skype to crash, and it will continue to do so every time you attempt to sign in. If you send the eight characters or receive them from a friend, you will be impacted by the bug.

Microsoft Wi-Fi may help you get connected when cellular towers are out of range

A leak revealed Microsoft Wi-Fi, a planned paid service that provides access to millions of hotspots domestic and international. It's a cross-platform service and appears to be a rebranding of Skype Wi-Fi.
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Microsoft Office and Skype to be preinstalled on new Sony and LG Android tablets

Microsoft's suite of apps, including Office and Skype, will come preinstalled on Android devices from Sony and LG thanks to a new agreement between the companies to bring Microsoft's services to more users.

Speak Spanish without knowing Spanish: Microsoft’s Skype Translator tool is now available

Microsoft's Skype Translator has exited limited testing and is now available for anyone to download. It supports a limited number of languages for now, but the software is quite impressive.
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Goodbye Skype? Facebook adds free video calling to Messenger

Ideal for anyone that's a power user of the Facebook Messenger application, the social network has launched support for a new video calling feature that works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Move over Viber, WhatsApp can make calls now, too

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has just released a voice calling feature for iOS, after having rolled it out on Android a month ago.

Keep tabs on who uses your personal computer with this simple guide

Ever wonder what happens with your home computer while you're out of the house? Our simple guide will have you keeping tabs on your at-home PC in no time, whether using your computer's built-in webcam, an activity tracker, or a simple…