Steam now makes it easier to find new games and share your faves

Valve's new Steam Discovery Update gives the company's digital distribution service an upgrade that's aimed at exposing users to a wider array of games.

Gone Home is back as a Counter-Strike map

If you thought that 2013's Gone Home needed a little something else, like headshots, you're not alone: the game's suburban house has been reproduced as a map for Counter-Strike.

Play Borderlands 2 for free this weekend on Steam

Gearbox's fantastic RPG shooter Borderlands 2 is free to play on Steam from now through Sunday, August 24 at 1pm Pacific time, as part of a larger sale on publisher 2K's catalog.

Build your own Steam Box revisited: What a difference a year makes

Last year, we made a do-it-yourself Steam Box with the expectation that retail versions would be out within a year. That time has passed, and the real thing is still a year away. You're on your own if you want Steam in the living room…

Steam’s Summer Sale is underway, and here are 50 games you should check out

The Steam store is massive, and there are thousands of games available at any given time, so we broke down our favorite 50 games into ten genres to help you get started on Steam, or if you've already been playing and are looking for…

Steel your resolve: The Steam Summer Sale has begun

The bane of weak-willed PC gamers far and wide, Steam's annual Summer Sale has begun its vicious assault on your wallet. We have some tips for how you can get the most out of it.

The Steamboy is the portable Steam Machine you never asked for, yet always wanted

Steamboy Machine announced the Steamboy, a portable Steam Machine that promises to play the majority of games available on Steam. It's expected to be available sometime in 2015.

Dead Rising 3 comes to PC this summer

Capcom's Xbox One exclusive launch title, the tongue-in-cheek, open-world zombie slaughter-fest Dead Rising 3 is finally making its way to PCs via Steam this summer.

Crytek invites you to become a game developer for $10 a month

Crytek has made their proprietary game engine, CRYENGINE, available to amateur developers on Valve's Steam service for a low subscription fee of $10 per month.

Steam adds in-home streaming for Windows, Mac/Linux coming soon

Valve brings in-home game streaming to its Steam PC gaming service, allowing users to beam their gameplay from a Windows-based host to any other PC on the same network.

Steam Controller gets a slight redesign for its GDC 2014 appearance

Digital Trends takes a closer look at Valve's newly redesigned Steam Controller, which loses the earlier touch-sensitive pads in favor of a standard layout.

Classic hack-and-slash game, Gauntlet, returns for Steam Machines

The classic arcade game is getting a reboot from publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and is coming to Steam, and especially Steam Machines, later this year. Read on to learn more.