Verizon’s prepaid plans are finally graced with additional data

Verizon announced it has added more data to its prepaid plans. The changes, which are currently live on Verizon's website, thankfully do not arrive at the expense of inflated prices, though the cheapest plan doesn't include cellular data.
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Alphabet comes before Apple: Google’s parent now most valuable company in the world 2:38

Alphabet's stock soared on the heels of an earnings statement that exceeded projections, edging it past a struggling Apple by $20 Billion in combined share value.
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Verizon’s new Free View lets FiOS customers preview premium channels on demand

Thanks to a new feature the company calls Free View, Verizon FiOS customers can now preview premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, and more for 48 hours at any time of their choosing.

A rising tide raises all ships: Verizon drops slowest 25Mbps FiOS option

Verizon is chopping off the lowest tier plan on its FiOS fiber optic service. Is this a case of giving the people what they want, or a political move to push broadband speeds up across the board?

Wireless carriers are busting each other’s balls, and we are winning

Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are locked in a big battle over who makes the best colorful balls commercial. We break down what it means and who really has the most (and biggest) balls.

Verizon added 1.5 million subscribers in Q4 2015, beating analysts’ expectations

Verizon added an impressive 1.5 million new subscribers in Q4 2015, and beat analysts' expectations on revenue and turnover. The carrier's committing to 5G deployment in the years ahead.

T-Mobile’s drinking game invites you to take a sip each time Verizon says ‘millennial’

T-Mobile has posted instructions for a drinking game to play during Verizon's upcoming earnings call. It involves, as you might expect, a bit of binging. Every time Verizon says "millennials" or another buzzword, you've got to drink.

Verizon skirts around Net neutrality laws with its new FreeBee sponsored data program

Verizon has introduced its own sponsored data program earlier today, following AT&T's lead. It allows companies to offset the data cost for viewers, in the hope that more people will use their services.
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Verizon enables apps/websites to pay for the data you download with FreeBee Data 2:33

Verizon has just introduced a sort of toll-free data service designed to give third parties the option to pick up the bill when you download their content.

Sprint vs. AT&T vs. Verizon vs. T-Mobile: Who has the best family plan? (Updated)

Picking the best family plan for your needs can be extremely difficult. We've gone through all the plans from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon to help you decide which one is best for you.
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Joel McHale will have celebrities surprise you in a new comedy show on Verizon’s go90

Sony Music and Verizon have entered a multiyear distribution agreement in which Sony will provide a slate of original programming to Verizon's mobile streaming service, go90. One of the shows is a hidden-camera comedy from Community's Joel…

Go get your refunds from Sprint and Verizon fast

Verizon and Sprint may owe you a late Christmas present in the form of cold, hard cash, but you're going to have to get a move on. Back in May, the two telecommunications giants agreed to a $158 million settlement for cramming.