Verizon customers can now opt out of privacy-invading tracking cookies

Finally offering subscribers the option of completely halting all tracking of Web usage and location data, Verizon has added an opt-out function that removes the subscriber's identifier code from the account.

Two lawsuits are challenging the FCC’s new net neutrality rules

About a month after the Federal Communications Commission approved new Net neutrality rules, legal challenges questioning the validity of the agency’s decision are starting to pour in.

FCC fines Verizon $3.4 million for failing to notify 911 operators in California of an outage

Verizon ran afoul of FCC regulations when it failed to notify California officials of extended 911 service downtime. The carrier had to pay $3.4 million to make up for its oversight.
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Verizon’s Web TV service targets teens with AweseomenessTV, DreamworksTV

Verizon announces new acquisitions for its forthcoming over the top video service, including Dreamworks properties AwesomenessTV and DreamworksTV.
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DT Daily: Google’s high-flying cell service, latest from MWC 2015 2:07

Today on DT Daily: Google firms up their cell phone service plan, the best of the best at Mobile World Congress, and a surprise new phone from Blackberry that looks, well, kinda sweet.

Tight on cash? Let Verizon help you with its $30 Samsung smartphone

Verizon announced the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, an entry-level smartphone aimed at those looking to save a bit of cash. The phone will go for $30 on a two-year contract or $8 a month through Verizon Edge.

Uh-oh: Denver Verizon customers are being charged for phones they never ordered

Trouble is brewing in Denver as dozens of customers have reported of phone orders made under their name that they never made. According to Verizon, these customers could be victims of phishing attempts.

Woman gets blindsided by her $42,000 Verizon bill

A Connecticut received quite the rude awakening recently, receiving a $42,000 phone bill from Verizon. According to the woman, her friend was the one who racked up all those charges from calls made and received around the world

Paying too much? 5 unknown wireless carriers that could cut your bill in half

There's a certain piece of mind that goes along with no-contract cellphone carriers and prepaid, month-to-month plans. Check out our roundup of some of the best carriers if you're looking to ditch Sprint or Verizon for something with less…

More customers come and go at Verizon, as heat from T-Mobile and Sprint reaches fever pitch

Verizon still added millions of new customers in 2014, but it loses more old ones each quarter. Competition from Sprint and T-Mobile seems to be hurting the carrier after all.
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NBC will live stream the Super Bowl for free

NBC will provide individuals with or without a pay-TV subscription an online stream of Super Bowl XLIX as well as the winter premiere of "The Blacklist", for free.

WatchESPN app makes history, frustrates NFL fans, and complicates online sports streaming

ESPN had one of its greatest weeks ever in terms of ratings and viewers, but the WatchESPN app left millions without football.