Yikes — did a teenager really hack the CIA director’s email?

If the claims of one under-20-year-old prove to be true, CIA director John Brennan will have been the subject of a rather alarming security meltdown. The FBI is investigating one teen's allegations that he managed to hack Brennan's email.

Sprint doesn’t believe 5G will hit the United States by 2020

Sprint senior research scientist Scott Migaldi doesn't expect to see commercial 5G rollout in the U.S. until at least mid-2020s. This differs from the view held by Verizon, which will launch 5G field trials in 2016 with possible wide…

Verizon will soon hike the price of grandfathered unlimited data plans by $20

Cheap unlimited data is going the way of the dodo. Verizon has announced that it will soon raise the rate of grandfathered unlimited data plans by $20. It's an attempt to push subscribers to tiered, capped offerings.

Verizon and Sony decide to cancel the Xperia Z4v launch for unannounced reasons

After months of silence, Verizon and Sony revealed that the Xperia Z4V launch will be cancelled. No reason was given, though one can assume that Sony would rather focus on its current crop of flagship smartphones.

Verizon quietly introduces the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, thought we wouldn’t notice

Verizon quietly introduced the Samsung Galaxy Tab E earlier today. Unfortunately, looking at the specifications and its $330 price tag, we're inclined to believe there's a good reason why Big Red didn't make a big deal about the tablet.

It’ll cost you, but you now have roaming service in Cuba thanks to Verizon

On Thursday, telecommunications giant Verizon announced it would be offering call, text, and data access to its customers living in or visiting the island nation, making it the first major American carrier to do so.

Net neutrality doesn’t violate Bill of Rights, FCC says

In a new filing, the FCC has asserted that the First Amendment does not apply to ISPs and that new net neutrality rules do not violate any of those companies' constitutional rights.
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Verizon Wireless gets rid of monthly fee for smartphone users live streaming NFL games

Verizon Wireless is dropping a charge for football fans. Smartphone users will be able to live stream NFL games for free this season. Previously, most customers had to pay $5 per month.
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T•Mobile CEO John Legere hijacks Verizon’s new logo: DT Daily 1:17

T•Mobile CEO John Legere hijacks Verizon's new logo, Samsung debuts an innovative smartwatch at IFA 2015 in Berlin.

All about LTE-U and how it might affect your Wi-Fi signals

Verizon and T-Mobile hope to soon begin testing new LTE connectivity using the same spectrum that powers Wi-Fi connectivity, spurring concerns about its effects on home Internet usage
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Verizon customer paid $1,500 over 5 years for a landline she thought she cancelled

New Jersey resident Lauraine Hollyer was shocked to discover she had been charged an extra $1,500 over a span of five years for a landline she thought she cancelled at the turn of the millennium. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

Verizon announces new data plans, gets rid of phone contracts in the process

In a move that highlights the shift away from phone contracts, Verizon revealed it will do away with them entirely. Customers will now either pay full price up-front for their phones or pay through monthly installments.