ACS6 Gran Coupe: BMW’s 6 Series Gran Coupe gets a little grander

ACS6 Gran Coupe BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe tuned by AC SchnitzerBMW’s sleek 6 Series Gran Coupe just made it to showrooms, but tuners have already gotten their hands on it. This “four-door coupe” has the power and style of a regular 6 Series, with the convenience of two more doors, but why stop there? AC Schnitzer didn’t want to, so it gave the 6 Series a few enhancements to make the ACS6 Gran Coupe.

ACS6 Gran Coupes are based on the 640i and not-for-America 640d diesel. Both cars are powered by 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-sixes, and both get an increase in power to 360 horsepower. That is 40 more horsepower than a stock 640i and 47 more than a stock 640d. With the extra power, expect an improvement over the stock 640i’s 0 to 60 mph time of 5.6 seconds.

The latest round of BMWs have been among the most quiet in the company’s history, but whispering doesn’t exactly fit the character of this car. To wit, AC Schnitzer upgraded the exhaust system with some chrome tailpipes. The extra sound should give the ACS6 Gran Coupe the aural punch to match its knockout looks.

A high-priced BMW should do more than make noise and drive fast in a straight line, though. To wit, the ACS6 Gran Coupe gets new springs and larger eight-piston front brake calipers.

One area that did not need improvement was styling. “Four-door coupes” are all the rage now, and the 6 Series Gran Coupe is among the most stylish. Keeping that in mind, AC Schnitzer kept the visual modifications to a minimum.

The ACS6 Gran Coupe sports a front splitter, a more aggressive rear diffuser, and some extra chrome trim. Buyers also have the choice of six wheel designs, available in 19 to 21-inch sizes. Every wheel design is a five-spoke in contrasting black and silver.

On the inside, AC Schnitzer added an “EVO” three-spoke steering wheel, velour floor mats, and black-accented aluminum trim (a good match for the wheels) on the pedals and iDrive controller.

Not every tuner car has to be outlandish. The stock 6 Series Gran Coupe was pretty strong out of the gate, so AC Schnitzer’s subtle approach is a good way to keep from breaking something that didn’t need fixing.

Pricing for the ACS6 Gran Coupe has not been announced, but it will probably top out above the 640i’s $76,895 base price.

Unfortunately for Americans, the ACS6 will probably be a Europe-only affair. Luckily, the stock 640i Gran Coupe is still pretty grand.