Lincoln Continental 2025 concept impresses at Detroit Auto Show


A pair of students at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show managed to wow the crowd with their very own quarter-scale model of a Lincoln Continental concept hailing from the not-too-distant-future of 2025.

Colin Bonathan and Jeeho Cha, who both represent Lawrence Technological University, were on hand at the Detroit Auto Show, managing to impress crowds with their futuristic concept and making a name for themselves in the process.

The duo came up with the slick concept as a summer project for Lawrence Tech’s undergraduate program in transportation design, and the model of the Lincoln concept was built in Ford’s product development center.

Chief among some of the more impressive features is the Continental concept’s Lincoln logo glass roof design, where at night the actual location of the stars in the sky are projected onto the glass roof. In addition, the car also boasts a retractable food cooler, beverage dispenser, sliding trunk bed, and center-opening doors. Interestingly, the budding auto-designers added a Japanese bonsai tree in the retractable back-seat console as well.