Lucky number seven: Audi announces seven exciting automotive technologies it’s working on


Seven has long been considered a lucky number. But since we don’t take the fine folks at Audi to be a superstitious bunch, we imagine they’ll be looking for more than just luck when the German luxury automaker implements its seven new automotive technologies in the coming years.

According to WorldCarFans, Audi has recently released a booklet outlining seven new technologies the company is working on, which  it hopes to refine and implement into future cars. Some of the new and exciting technologies Audi is looking to develop and implement include: Audi Wireless Charging, Audi Garage Parking Pilot, Audi Hybrid Body Materials, Audi FRP Coil Springs, Audi OLED Technology, Audi Multitouch Controls, and Audi Predictive Suspension.

While there is no specific date given; realistically we can expect some of these new features to appear  in the next 2 – 3 years time. Here is a quick rundown of each of Audi’s proposed automotive technology of the future:

Audi Garage Parking Pilot


Perhaps one of the cooler new pieces of technology that Audi is working on is the Audi Garage Parking Pilot. Just as the name suggest, Audi’s parking pilot would act much like the current Park Assist technology found in the A4 and A6, only it would build upon it by utilizing distinct vehicle-to-vehicle networking, which would allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel while the car parks itself. Pretty snazzy, right? Well, unfortunately this one is some ways out (ten years or more) since it’s pretty much dependent on the proper infrastructure being in place to accommodate it.

Audi Wireless Charging


With the growing number of electric cars on the road today, the ability to charge and keep the electric juices flowing inside EVs is important. Audi is aware of this, but instead of having to mess with complicated wires, they have partnered with Boston-based WiTricity Corporation, which manufactures a coil-based inductive wireless charging system. Cars utilizing this wireless charging system need only install a fixed coil in the ground that taps into the local grid. A separate coil is then mounted underneath the vehicle, which generates an alternating magnetic field and sends voltage to the coil mounted to the car. While we have seen similar technology earlier this year at CES, don’t expect this wireless charging tech for another 2-3 years.

Audi OLED Technology


One of the things Audi has done very well in its newer models is implementing LED lighting. It’s sleek, sexy, and makes all the difference. Audi is looking to build upon that with the next step in automotive lighting — OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes). You may already be familiar with OLED technology; it’s currently being used in newer TVs, smartphones, and tablets. With current LED lights already looking great on cars, we can only imagine how amazing OLEDs will look. Expect OLED tech to grace Audis within the next couple of years.

Audi Hybrid Body Materials


Weight loss: it’s not just a people problem. Automakers have long been trying to trim and slim down their cars. Of course it isn’t always easy to shed those pounds without sacrificing strength. But Audi is looking to solve that problem by using a mixture of aluminum, steel, and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) in an effort to reduce vehicle weight while retaining structural strength and rigidity. When can we expect to see this technology make its way to production cars? According to Audi, in about two years time.

Audi FRP Coil Springs


Putting a spring in your step–well, more like your car’s step–is exactly what Audi is planning to do with its FRP Coil Spring technology. Audi’s fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) spring will look to improve upon, and replace, the standard steel springs in many of today’s cars. By utilizing FRP springs, Audi says it will be able to achieve weight savings of more than 40-percent. The first vehicle to use Audi’s FRP coil springs will be the 2012 Audi R8 e-tron, with widespread implementation the following year.

Audi Multitouch Controls


Look, but don’t touch they say. Well, not our fine German friends at Audi. With Audi taking multitouch controls into the next generation – and perhaps boldly going where no touch control has gone before – the emphasis is firmly being placed on reducing driver distractions while providing an increased level of control. Look for Audi to implement this improved multitouch system with features like an all-new HUD display, controls, gesture recognition, and improve voice recognition in the 2015 A8.

Audi Predictive Suspension


While utilizing cameras and lasers to detect incoming road surfaces isn’t exactly new – Mercedes has a similar technology which relays that information and adjusts suspension accordingly – Audi is looking to develop a similar camera-based system that will scan road surfaces 20 meters ahead and warn drivers accordingly. Audi also plans on incorporating a PMD (Photo-Mixed Detectors) with both laser and radar applications. The manufacturer plans on also launching this technology with the next A8. 


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