Retired GM designer creates a series of future concepts based on retro classics

Former design studio manager at General Motors Brasil, Nelson Barros, who has had more than 30 years of experience in the auto industry, recently sent CarBodyDesign some very interesting design sketches. Barros, who worked for GM from 1969 to 2006 created a series of futuristic concept interpretations based on classic cars from the 20th century.

Using his talent and experience, Barros has given us a glimpse into the future with his concept drawings. The cars Barros chose to revisit were the Jaguar XK 120, 1950 Studebaker Commander, 1973 Ford Maverick, and 1959 Corvette.

Rarely is the future left untouched by the past. This is especially so when it comes to automobiles where brands, makes, and models often carry with them strong former influences and features. It would appear Barros echoes this sentiment. Each design’s for his future concepts rely heavily on the original models while injecting a futuristic twist. The Studebaker retains the iconic bullet nose grille it is known for, the Jaguar features the originals classic slim grille and stacked “V” shaped lights, the Ford Maverikck’s muscular front end and imposing yellow and black paint job have made the modern jump, and of course there’s the 1959 Corvette with its red-white livery and tapered chassis.

We have to admit we are impressed with Barros’ work. The only model we are admittedly not crazy about is the Ford Maverick (it resembles too closely a modern Chevy Camaro). With the one exception, it’s nice to see retirement hasn’t diminished Barro’s talent one bit. While it would be nice to hold out for a real modern recreation of the classic Studebaker, the odds are that it’ll probably never happen. In any case, let us know which is your favorite retrofuturistic concept in the comments section below.

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