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A person typing on a MacBook Pro while sat on a wooden bench.

The 5 best laptops for CAD and and 3D modeling in 2024

If you want to start 3D modeling, then check our picks for the best laptops to do the job.

The 5 best laptops for photo editing and photographers

Looking to buy a good laptop for editing photos? We've gathered and reviewed our top picks for photographers in 2021.
Woman on couch with XPS 17 on her lap.

The best Dell laptops for business in 2024

Dell is one of the best laptop brands for businesses to consider and we've made our selection for the best Dell laptops for business.
Dell UltraSharp 32 4K USB-C Hub Monitor showing display quality.

The 5 best Dell monitors for work, browsing, and play

Dell monitors are known for being gentle on the eyes and having great setup options. As a result, it makes sense to consider buying the best Dell monitors.
Two Sims sit at an outdoor cafe table at night, chatting.

The 4 best laptops for Sims 4 in 2024

If you want to play the Sims 4 with a better overall experience, then check out our favorite laptop picks.
usb c power bank graphene battery pack

The 11 best USB-C cables for 2024, chosen by experts

Many new smartphones require USB cables, as do various accessories. Our roundup of the best and most versatile cables on the market will make your choice easy.
Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB HD box.

The 11 best external hard drives for 2024

Need an external drive with loads of space? Does it need to be fast and durable, too? Here are the best external hard drives you can get from SanDisk and more.

The 6 best PC cases in 2024

The best computer cases bring all of your components together. Our list of the top PC cases will show of your parts off while keeping them cool and quiet.
Person's hands resting on a laptop.

The best PDF editors for 2024

Whether you want an online PDF editor, a free PDF editor, or are happy to pay for premium features, these are the best PDF editors in 2024.
HP Spectre x360 13.5 front angled view showing display and keyboard deck.

The best HP laptops in 2024

Looking for a new replacement laptop? We selected the best HP laptops you can purchase, featuring the latest processors, best screens, and most useful specs.
Thermal paste application on CPU.

The best thermal paste for CPUs and GPUs for 2024

A good-quality thermal paste can make a difference when it comes to CPU temperatures. These are the best of the bunch.
Upgrading the Framework Laptop with the components on a table.

The best upgradeable laptops

Fewer laptops are upgradeable, meaning that most are permanently limited to what you get when you buy them. Here are the best laptops that you can upgrade.
surface pro x

The best Windows tablets for 2024

Windows tablets are making a comeback, but not in the way you might think.
Apple Mac Studio front view showing ports.

Why the Mac Studio offers something Windows PCs can’t compete with

The Apple Mac Studio is its most powerful machine and offers a tiny, well-built, and fast PC for most users. But Windows desktop PCs have their advantages.
A woman holding the Samsung 870 Pro NVMe PCIe SSD in her hands.

SATA vs. PCIe: the important difference you need to know

SATA and PCIe are two of the most common storage solutions for modern PCs, but what's the difference? Read on to know more.
The Anker 535 USB-C Hub attached to the underside of an Apple iMac. There is an Apple Magic Keyboard on the desk in front of the iMac.

These accessories will take your iMac to the next level

Your iMac deserves the best iMac accessories. We have a list of the top peripherals to get for iMacs both new and old, no matter what your budget is like.
The iMac screen on a desk.

Mac Studio vs. iMac vs. Mac mini: don’t make a mistake

Learn how to pick between Apple's three desktop Macs, which are all based on Apple chipsets but are quite different in price, specs, and performance.
logitech herman miller gaming chair

The best gaming chairs you can buy right now

The best gaming chairs on the market will keep your back healthy and tush happy during long gaming sessions. Choose between our bargain faves and premier picks.
CPU cooler installed in the Hyte Y40 case.

The best CPU coolers to buy for every budget

Using the right CPU cooler will help your system perform at its best. Here are the best CPU coolers, including liquid and air options.
best laptops for music production

The best laptops for music production, chosen by experts

Whether you want to use a MacBook or a Windows 10 laptop, these are the best laptops for music production you can buy.
Surface Book 2 op-ed header

The best laptops for programming, chosen by experts

Looking for the best laptop for programming? We provide a list of the best you can purchase right now. We also have options that cater to the gamer within.
A mother and daughter use the Surface Go 3 together.

The best laptops for kids, tested and selected by experts

Younger kids need great laptops just like older kids, and these are the best we could find that provide what those younger kids need.

The best webcams for Teams, Zoom, streaming, low light and more

The webcam on your laptop isn't great, but one of these higher-quality webcams is sure to enhance your Zoom calls and fit your other webcam needs and budget.
Working From Home

The best laptops for writers from Apple, Dell, HP, and more

The best laptops for writers are those with the best keyboards. These are the best you'll find.
Anker 12-outlet surge protector sitting on the ground.

The best surge protectors for TVs, PCs, appliances, and more

If you need a surge protector, don't settle for a standard one. There are plenty of options just for your needs. These are the best surge protectors around.
best free midjourney alternatives aiartgen

The best free Midjourney alternatives you can try out today

Midjourney is a great AI art tool, but it's not the only one. Here are some great alternatives you can play with for free right now.
Angled image of the back of the HP Victus 16.

The best laptops under $1,000, tested and selected by experts

Finding a quality laptop is easy, but finding one under $1,000 is more challenging. Here are your best options, why they excel, and where you can buy them.
Two iPad Pro tablets next to each other against a black background. Both have Apple's Magic Keyboard case.

iPad Pro vs. MacBook Air: It’s closer than you’d think

Should you buy an iPad Pro or a MacBook Air? There’s a lot to consider, and each one has its strengths. Read our guide, though, and things will become clearer.
Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Alienware 34 QD-OLED.

The best HDR monitors for gaming, content creation, and more

To properly enjoy HDR you need a good monitor that fully supports it. Here are the displays gamers, content creators, and enthusiasts should look out for.

These are the best gaming mice to buy in 2023

Think your mouse is holding you back? Here are our top picks to improve your gaming performance.
A man holds the new Macbook Air (2022) in his hands.

M2 MacBook Air vs. M1 MacBook Air: things have changed

The M2 MacBook Air has more in common with the larger MacBook Pro, but how does it compare to its predecessor?
Logo on the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro headset.

7 best headsets for PC gaming: tested and reviewed

Only a few headsets are worthy of making it on the list of the best headsets for PC gaming. Here are our top picks this year.
Fionna Ahomuoh using the Meta Quest 3 VR headset.

The best VR headsets for 2023

We've rounded up a list of the best VR headsets from Meta, Sony, HTC, Pimax, and more to help you find your perfect path to virtual reality.
Horizon Zero Dawn running on the Lenovo Legion Go,

Why the latest rival handheld still can’t beat the ROG Ally

The Lenovo Legion Go is one of the most impressive handhelds we've seen, but further testing reveals it exhibits some strange behavior compared to the ROG Ally.