New ‘Telly’ Home Entertainment Server

Interact-TV has introduced the Telly model MC800 Home Entertainment Server. At $749 (MSRP), the new unit is the most affordable home entertainment server on the market today. It also features several upgrades including a sleeker, more compact design that easily fits into virtually any home entertainment center.

The latest model from Interact-TV, the Telly MC800 enables users to access virtually every form of digital entertainment. In a single multi-function unit, Telly brings together broadband Internet, cable and satellite television, digital audio and video entertainment, and digital home networking. It is the industry’s most customizable and expandable system for digital entertainment, making it easy to store, manage, access and enjoy digital media.

Measuring just 15″ wide, 4 1/2″ tall and 11 1/2″ deep, the MC800 provides the most entertainment power in the smallest package delivered by any manufacturer to date. Along with the reduced size, the MC800 is extremely quiet with a specially designed power supply, low-noise high-performance main board, and all-aluminum chassis, making it ideal for quiet home entertainment environments.

Customers may customize the configuration of their Telly MC800 to meet their individual needs via the Interact-TV online store ( Customization options include a range of choices for the enthusiast, including the ability to add more storage, memory and optical drive options. All of these options are enabled by Interact-TV’s EOS(tm) Linux-based Media Platform, designed to provide customers with expansion capabilities and easy upgradeability.

The new Telly MC800 model supports the full Telly feature set, including digital video recording (with a subscription-free electronic program guide); CD playback, ripping and burning, supported by a music “jukebox” to manage and retrieve all music; DVD playback; digital photo album slide shows; and Internet information including weather, financial and movie listings among its capabilities.

“Our newest model fits into our strategy to have a range of products that meet customers demands from very expandable systems, such as our well-received MC1000, to the new small form-factor MC800,” said Ken Fuhrman, Interact-TV’s President and CEO. “By building products that target the digital entertainment market and leverage commodity PC components, Interact-TV can bring a wide range of products at low cost to consumers.”

The Telly MC800 Home Entertainment Server is now available directly from Interact-TV’s web site (