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When does Prime Day end 2021? The clock is ticking…

Prime Day Deals 2021
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A little like Christmas, you spend all year waiting for awesome Prime Day deals, and then the moment comes along and it’s all over before you know it. Yup, Prime Day is wrapping up fast and we can’t help but feel a little bittersweet at the thought, even after so many of us have snagged some great deals. So, when does it end and what does it mean for us shoppers?

Simply put, Prime Day ends June 23rd at midnight PST. So, basically, we’re talking the absolute end of Tuesday night on the west coast. Until then, you can still shop to your heart’s content. Prime Day 2021 has offered plenty of awesome deals and while it has had some stiff competition from Walmart Prime Day deals this year around, it’s worth checking out.

Walmart Deals for Days Sale:

Amazon Prime Day Sale:

Prime Day will continue to offer extensive deals including its killer Prime Day Amazon Echo deals as well as huge savings on items like Prime Day headphone deals, Prime Day robot vacuum deals, and Prime Day Instant Pot deals. There’s still a bit of everything out there. Many of these deals will last until the last moments of Prime Day but bear in mind that stock is sure to be gradually exhausted now which means you might find yourself missing out on a bargain if you wait too long.

And how about Amazon Lightning deals? Those are still strictly time-limited. Unlike the main Prime Day deals, these could and do expire long before the end of the day. Be aware of what kind of deal you’re considering snapping up. If you’re looking to buy a Lightning deal, you’ll need to grab it fast before it expires.

For everything else, you have until the end of the day Pacific Time. Wait too long and you’ll have to hold out for the next big sales season. That’s not until Black Friday (although we’re expecting smaller sales in the meantime) so you really don’t want to wait that long for an awesome bargain. For now, be ready to say goodbye to Prime Day. You served us well, dear sale, and we had a blast.

Today’s Best Prime Day Deals 2021

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