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50+ Funko Pops just had their prices slashed for Prime Day — from $5

Funko Pop!

While some people might think Funko Pops are a waste of money, they would clearly be wrong. Funko Pops are great little bits of decoration to have around the house or your office space and a nice little reminder of your favorite movies, characters, or really anything. Luckily, there are some great Prime Day deals from Best Buy on over 50 Funk Pops, with everything from films to games being covered. While you should absolutely check out the full sale below, we’ve collected some of our favorite Funk Pop deals that you might find fun and interesting.

What to shop for in the Funko Pops sale

Predictably, there are an absolute ton of Star Wars Funk Pops you can check out, so if you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re in luck! For starters, we have this Luke Skywalker one going for , and with that, you can also grab Leia in here 40th anniversary garb, which is pretty cool, and will also run you .  If you’re looking for another strong female character, there is the Tala Durinth Funk Pop that is going for , a big discount, and also really like this Luke Bitty Bop set that you can get for just .

Moving away from Star Wars and into the world of Marvel, there are a lot of great Funk Pops, but we’re very much torn between this Groot with detonator for or this Groot with Cheese Puffs that’s also going for . We also really like this and couple that we’d probably grab at the same time. While she was certainly divisive, we actually do love this Funk Pop of She-Hulk with the Gala look , and we similarly love this , because we’re already collecting the Groot set, so why not?

Then there are the slightly more esoteric funk pops, like this incredibly Indiana Jones Boulder Escape Funk Pop , as well as this Fantasia movie poster-like Funko Pop . For example, this  is a lot of fun, as is this Christmas Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas that’s . Finally, who can say no to this cool  , and this  from The Last Crusade is great for those who are older or love the original Indiana Jones movies .

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