Superbrothers Comes to PlayStation Vita: Craig Adams talks Sound Shapes collaboration with Queasy, Capybara

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Toronto is fast becoming the burning molten core of independent game development. Capybara Games, the posse behind slick games like Critter Crunch, has spent the past few years collaborating in the very same building with Queasy Games. Queasy is headed up by Jonathan Mak, the mind behind 2006’s brilliant Everyday Shooter, and Shaw-Han Liem, the musician also known as I Am Robot and Proud. Superbrothers, aka Craig Adams, and musician Jim Guthrie have also worked with Capybara to produce last year’s indie darling Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP.

When that much raw talent is hanging out together, something sweet or absolutely terrible is bound to happen. It’s a scenario with super group potential: Will they be a Broken Social Scene or Audioslave, good or evil?

Looks more like Broken Social Scene: Superbrothers and Jim Guthrie are now prepping levels for Queasy and Capy’s PlayStation Vita debut, Sound Shapes.

Adams announced the collaboration, a series of levels in the game called “CORPOREAL,” on the Superbrothers website on Friday. “The game design, level design and sound integration are being handled by the Sound Shapes experts at Queasy. The order of operations was a little different this time around too,” reads the post, “On Superbothers: Sword & Sorcery EP, many of the songs predated the project and I was able to create the world & concepts by listening to specific songs, many of them pre-existing compositions from Jim. In this case, the art assets were created without a specific soundtrack, and then it was up to Jim to craft his sounds to fit the look and concept.”

Digital Trends got in touch with Adams to talk a bit more about how CORPOREAL came together and how he’s enjoyed the process of creating something for PlayStation Vita. Turns out he, Guthrie, and Queasy’s Liem have worked together before. “A few years after creating the pixel film for Jim Guthrie’s Children of the Clone in 2005, I gathered music & sounds from both Jim & Shaw Han Liem for use in an ill-fated 3-D videogame prototype that was eventually shelved. Meanwhile Shaw Han Liem began working with Jon Mak on Sound Shapes.”

Is CORPOREAL the first hint of big things for Superbrothers on Vita? “Other than Sound Shapes, Superbrothers is not involved in any other projects for the Vita,” says Adams, “We feel that Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP wouldn’t be a good fit.”

He is however a big fan of Sony’s machine. “I bought my Vita a few months ago and I dig it, it’s a pretty great piece of kit. Before I got it I thought I was maybe finished with handheld systems, but it has become my preferred system when playing at home. I love the elegance of touchscreens but for video games I like buttons, I really like having two analog sticks. The screen is super decent and the system is comfortable to hold. Plus, because it’s a portable, it’s kind of personal, kind of intimate.”

“The handheld videogame space has changed quite a bit over the years, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP has been a small part of that change, but if you’re keen to play on a handheld system with buttons & two analog sticks then this machine has those things and that’s cool.”

Toronto’s crew is putting together what, for some, is the best reason yet to get a Vita. Sweet.