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How to install the Blink Pan-Tilt Mount

Blink does a great job at creating smart home products for budget-conscious people, as well as accessories to expand the functionality of those products.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • Blink indoor Mini camera

  • Pan-Tilt Mount

If you own a Blink Outdoor Cam, you can buy the Floodlight attachment and have a low-cost outdoor floodlight security camera. In addition, Blink recently came out with a new attachment for its indoor camera called the Pan-Tilt mount. The mount allows the once-stationary Blink indoor Mini cam to change its view and see more of the surroundings. Now, you get a virtually 360-degree field of view instead of a static angle.

Luckily, Blink makes its accessories incredibly easy to set up and install; it's essentially plug-and-play. We're here to help you get it working flawlessly and answer any questions you have. The following steps are if you bought the pan-and-tilt mount after already having the indoor Mini cam. You can buy them together in a package, but then the camera and mount are already assembled upon arrival.

The Blink Mini Pan Tilt mount on a wooden table.

How to install the Blink Pan-Tilt Mount

Step 1: Unplug the Mini and disconnect it from its base.

To disconnect the camera, pull it up off the stem. It will take a slight bit of force.

Step 2: Connect the Micro USB cable from the mount in the back of the Blink Mini cam.

Step 3: Snap the camera onto the mount's stem.

You'll have to press the camera down onto the mount's stem with force until you hear it snap into place.

Step 4: Connect the original Micro USB camera from the Blink Mini to the back of the mount.

Step 5: Once power is restored to the mount and camera, the app will notify you that the indoor Mini camera has been updated to include the Pan-Tilt Mount.

Once it's connected, the mount will automatically calibrate. It will move and rotate the stem to ensure everything works correctly and has enough space. Close and restart the app if the app doesn't update to show you that the mount is connected.


Can you mount the Pan-Tilt Mount?

The mount has a quarter-inch threaded screw hole in the bottom of the base that you can use to mount the camera on walls or ceilings. Once mounted, make sure to go back through your Blink Mini's settings to update or flip the video feed.

Now that your camera is connected to the mount, you can move it while viewing a live feed. Open the app and view your camera's live feed, and you'll notice arrows to move the camera. There are also some additional settings in the menu part of the Blink indoor Mini camera now.

With the mount, you can update the default home-viewing position for the camera. If you move the view away from the home position, a home button will be in the middle of the arrows to go back to default. You can also flip the video if you have the camera mounted. Lastly, if the motor moves weirdly, you can recalibrate the mount to keep everything running smoothly. All of these options are shown in the live view or settings of the Blink app.

To expand the capabilities of your Blink Mini camera, you can purchase the Pan-Tilt Mount for $30 through Amazon. There's a preconfigured bundle package available as well for $60.

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