Smart Cities

Cities across the globe are installing technology to gather data in the hopes of saving money, becoming cleaner, reducing traffic, and improving urban life. Digital Trends regularly examines how smart cities deal with everything from energy management, to disaster preparedness, to public safety — and most importantly, what it all means for you.

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5 futuristic smart cities to keep an eye on through the 2020s

Want to live in a high tech city of the future? These five projects are leading the smart city revolution with cutting edge developments built around the latest tech. Here's what to expect.
Futuristic Rendering of Malaysia

Tesla is recruiting designers in China to create its first city car

Tesla thinks it would be "super cool" to design a vehicle in China, the world's largest electric car market
Tesla city car sketch

AT&T is bringing LTE-speed 5G to customers in five cities next month

AT&T is finally ready to release 5G to the public -- though the version of 5G that the carrier will roll out to customers will only be around as fast as high-speed LTE networks.

Intel wants its fleet of drones to monitor America’s aging, unsafe bridges

Intel has signed a deal to use its Falcon 8+ drones to carry out bridge inspections. The hope is that these drones will be useful in spotting potential problems before they become serious.
intel drones bridge inspections drone inspect 5