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An iOS 12 update will allow Apple’s AirPods to be used as hearing aids

A software update coming to Apple's fully wireless AirPods with iOS 12 will allow iPhone users to use their tiny white earbuds, in conjunction with the phone's internal microphone. to amplify the sounds of the world around them.
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Common AirPods problems, and how to fix them

Apple’s AirPods are among the best fully wireless earbuds we’ve seen, but they’re not perfect. If you’re having trouble, take a look at our guide to the most common problems and what you can do to fix them.
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Charging case patent suggests Apple AirPods may become stand-alone music player

Apple plans to release new AirPods much the same as it does new iPhones, and a wireless charging case, water resistance, and better Siri integration are among the improvements we can expect in future models.
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CAT’s FLIR-packing S61 Android smartphone is your tough new best friend

Apple will upgrade their popular AirPod wireless earbuds, the FCC says net neutrality ends April 23rd, CAT debuts the follow-up to their touch Android phone.
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Apple will offer an optional wire-free charging case for the AirPods

Apple's AirPods have been popular fully wireless earbuds for some time. The AirPods are specifically designed for the company's products thanks to the W1 chip. Here is everything you need to know.
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Hang onto those cords. Next-gen wireless earbuds still aren’t good enough

Thanks in part to Apple’s decision to drop the headphone jack, wireless in-ear headphones are popping up everywhere. But with short battery life, high prices, and lower fidelity, are they ready to take center stage?

Here’s one way to ensure your AirPods never slip out

Did you put down $159 for a pair of Apple's AirPods? Having any issues with them staying in your ears? If so, how about sorting out a couple of piercings to ensure they never slip out again....
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Apple AirPods hit the Apple Store – but too late for the holidays for most buyers

Also today: U.S. officials want cars to start talking to each other and Snapchat unveils a long-awaited new feature.
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Apple’s long-awaited wireless AirPods are now available to order

Apple delayed the launch of its AirPods true wireless earbuds earlier this year, but it seems that the technical difficulties have been overcome, as they are now available to be ordered.
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These $89 AirPod competitors are a bet on the power of branding

How do you offer an inexpensive alternative to Apple's AirPods when all you have is a me-too off-the-rack wireless earbud? Make it all about the brand, said Jack Kim.