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A collage of the delta emulator.

Delta emulator changes logo after Adobe lawsuit threats — but just barely

Popular iOS emulator Delta had to change its logo recently, and decided to poke fun at the whole situation in a small update.
App Store on-screen illustration

Everything you need to know about the massive Apple App Store outage

Din and Grogu sit in snow in The Mandalorian.

How to cancel your Disney Plus subscription

App Store displayed on an iPhone 14 Pro against a pink background

App subscription fatigue is quickly ruining my smartphone

The display of the iPhone 13 as seen from an angle.

New App Store rule lets companies charge more for subscriptions without approval

A man checks his phone in an Apple retail store in Grand Central Terminal.

Judge rules against both Apple and Epic Games in antitrust case

App store icon showing three notifications.

Apple has decreased App Store prices in the U.K., South Africa, other countries

iphone xr app store

iPhone cannot connect to App Store. What do you do?

Apple App Store Logo

Epic, Spotify, Match, and more team up to fight Apple

ios apps

Apple releases study defending its App Store fees

Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Siege

Ubisoft sues Apple, Google for allowing Rainbow Six: Siege clone on app stores

tech trends 30 years from now questionable vape getty 2

Apple has banned all vaping-related apps from the App Store

apple app store turns 10 new three iphones apps games today

Twice as many publishers earned first million on Apple App Store vs Google Play

Apple's App Store has created 164 new millionaire publishers in 2018, compared to only 88 from the Google Play Store. Games continue to lead the way for both platforms in terms of revenue, but the breakdown of the publishers in terms of app categories that they focused on were very different.
google duplex dtd05092018

You talkin’ to me? Google Duplex tech takes A.I. chatbots to the next level

Robocalls are going to be a lot more convincing in the near future, Cortana and Alexa will be friends - for now, Apple trims back some weeds int he walled App Store garden.
magic leap dtd12202017

Magic Leap previews an advanced AR headset kit – but it’s just for developers

Magic Leap unveils an AR headset, Apple is dialing back performance on older iPhones for a reason, future Apple apps may do double duty.
third party reddit apps pulled from apple app store

Apple boots third-party Reddit apps for violating pornography rules

Third-party Reddit apps are being pulled from the Apple App Store. The clients' devs claim the apps are being targeted for carrying pornographic content.
An Apple TV connected to a TV.

Apple’s first original series focuses on a familiar subject: app developers

It seems the rumors about Apple talking to Hollywood execs about moving into original content were true, as its first original series has been revealed.
best music videos

Tidal and Apple face off as music streaming gets more crowded

As alleged App Store difficulties abound, Apple’s apparently making it harder for Jay Z’s Tidal to compete on iOS.
ios 8 dev features developer

How iOS 8’s new developer features will impact you

Apple dedicated a good portion of WWDC 2014 to developers. What do the iOS 8 SDK improvements mean for developers and users? We take a look at all the changes.

Apple’s 2013 Back to School promo offers $100 App Store gift card to tech-hungry students

Apple's known for offering students and teachers educational discounts, and its 2013 Back to School promo provides gift cards to the App Store.
Best apps of the week 06_30_2013 header

Best Apps of the Week: Zeebox, Imgur, Twitter, and more

Windows 8.1 will bring great new apps in the future, but if you want new apps now for your phone, check out our best apps of the week including Fuelzee and Sunset.
bwf ios

The inevitable happens and BangWithFriends gets the App Store boot

If you want to use Bang with Friends, don't look in Apple's App Store - it's banned.

iTunes made over $4 billion this quarter, boasts 850,000 apps with 350,000 optimized for iPad

Spitting in the face of naysayers, Apple has announced its second quarter earnings for this year and the numbers are just as impressive as last quarter.

Exclusive: Endgame: Syria developer talks about the trouble with Apple’s App Store

Auroch Digital developed Endgame: Syria in just two weeks and posted the informational game on Google Play and browsers. It was also intended for iOS devices, but Apple blocked its release. Its designer spoke with Digital Trends about the challenges of developing games about real conflicts.

Apple boots iOS developer for exposing a security bug

Bad idea: Microsoft to restrict Windows 8 app sales to its own store

Google removes eBook purchasing on iPad and iPhone

Steve Jobs masterminds his exit: So what happens to Apple now?

Hands-on with the Google+ app for iPhone

Google+ for the iPhone impressions. Like Google+, the app has a simple setup and easily gives you a comfortable mobile experience
Amazon Appstore

Judge won’t stop Amazon from using ‘Appstore’


Google+ awaiting Apple’s approval for release in iOS App Store

Study: App downloads to reach 48 billion by 2015

Making money from paid apps in Android Market a challenge for app developers

Apple’s App Store is now home to an estimated 500,000 downloads