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BioShock promo art featuring the menacing Big Daddy in their armored suit.

7 video game movie and TV adaptations we can’t wait to watch

What's going to be the next great video game adaptation? We've got seven video games in mind that are already optioned for films and TV shows.
The courier in his nuclear gear and holding his gun in Fallout: New Vegas key art.

8 best sci-fi video games to play if you liked Apple TV+’s hit show Silo

A Big Daddy stands tall in Bioshock.

BioShock Netflix film unites Logan and I Am Legend talent

A Big Daddy stands tall in Bioshock.

A BioShock movie is in the works at Netflix

A Big Daddy stands tall in a watery hallway in Bioshock.

Silent Hill, Bioshock, and 4 more video game revivals we might see in 2022

BioShock Infinite Elizabeth

It’s official: There’s a new BioShock game in the works

BioShock: The Collection

A new BioShock game is reportedly in development at 2K Games

ex bioshock developers announce the blackout club theblackoutclubmazesleeper

Ex-BioShock developers offer details about their new game, ‘The Blackout Club’

BioShock: The Collection

Celebrate 10 years of ‘BioShock’ with an amazing collector’s edition

tales from the borderlands ep 2 date

Is it a new Borderlands? Take-Two hints at huge new game in 2018

ken levine next game infuences

Ken Levine's next game will harness the 'Shadow of Mordor' Nemesis system

ghost story games

So long, Irrational Games — Ghost Story emerges with a new project in the works

bioshock ios update 4375048451 2d69eae4f3 o cropped

That 'Bioshock' update for iOS is never happening, game removed from App Store

A forum post by 2K has confirmed that Bioshock for iOS will not be updated, meaning the game is officially dead.
bioshock the collection streaming support 8590941785 0f4feaf7cf o cropped

'BioShock: The Collection' revealed to lack streaming support on consoles

In a forum post, 2K Games clarified to users that 'BioShock: The Collection' lacks streaming support on consoles.
bioshock the collection gameplay showcased in 2k video series bioshockcollgameplay

‘BioShock: The Collection’ gameplay showcased in new video series

BioShock fans eager to return to the world of Rapture can get an early look at the upcoming BioShock: The Collection in 2K's new gameplay video series.
BioShock: The Collection

‘BioShock: The Collection’ gives you even more to collect

BioShock: The Collection will feature additional collectibles called "Golden Reels" that give players an inside look at the original game's development.
BioShock: The Collection

Players get an early look at 'BioShock: The Collection' with comparison trailer

Publisher 2K has issued a comparison trailer for BioShock: The Collection, highlighting the remastered trilogy's boost in visual fidelity.
video game memorabilia popularity 3

Gaming is going digital, but players are collecting more memorabilia than ever

For almost all of video games’ existence, there has been video game memorabilia. These pieces of plastic fill our shelves and let us show our fandom.
bioshock the collection remaster reveal 2k bioinfinite columbia town center

Replay value: 2K Games remasters ‘BioShock’ in high-res

Publisher 2K Games has announced that all three BioShock games will be returning in a remastered bundle titled 'BioShock: The Collection'
bioshock the collection rated for ps4 and xbox one biocoll thumb

BioShock: The Collection rated for PS4, Xbox One in Taiwan

2K's BioShock series will soon return in The BioShock Collection, a remastered release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.
bioshock 2 lead designer now working on psychonauts

Psychonauts 2 dev team lands BioShock 2 lead designer

2K Marin veteran Zak McClendon has joined up with Double Fine as the lead designer of the company's upcoming crowdfunded platformer Psychonauts 2.
Ken Levine

BioShock’s creator plays with metaphorical Legos in his first-person sci-fi game

BioShock creator Ken Levine let loose on Twitter about a new project in the works, a first-person sci-fi game with an emphasis on narrative replayability.
check concept art gore verbinskis unproduced bioshock film verbinski

Check out this concept art for Gore Verbinski’s unproduced BioShock film

Hollywood artist Kasra Farahani has released a trove of concept art for an unproduced BioShock film that Gore Verbinski was hired to direct in 2008.
best ipad role play strategy adventure games xcom

BioShock, XCOM, and more available in 2K’s holiday mobile sale

Publishing heavyweight 2K has announced a holiday sale for select mobile games, such as BioShock and XCOM, from now until January 5 in the iOS App Store.
gone home meets bioshock space fullbright talks new project tacoma

Gone Home meets BioShock in space: Fullbright talks new project, Tacoma

Tacoma, the follow-up to Gone Home from The Fullbright Company, will continue that first game's exploration of spatial narrative, but set in outer space.
bioshock heads ios controller support august 2014 003

You can now get BioShock on iPad, and yes, it’s the full game

Irrational Games' award-winning first-person shooter BioShock comes to iOS devices for $15, compliments of a port from 2K China.
see bioshocks graphics ios compare xbox 360 bioshock vs

See how BioShock’s graphics on iOS compare to Xbox 360

AppSpy has created a comparison video to highlight the graphical differences between Bioshock on Xbox 360 and the upcoming iOS port.
bioshock heads ios controller support august 2014 2007

BioShock heads to iOS with controller support in August 2014

Irrational Games' 2007 hit BioShock is coming to select iOS devices with MFi game controller support as a "premium" release in August 2014.
2k teases return bioshocks rapture eve s garden teaser

2K teases a return to BioShock’s Rapture

This morning the 2K United Kingdom Twitter account posted a teasing image and message hinting that we'll somehow return to BioShock's Rapture soon.
video game analyst scott steinbergs 2010 industry predictions bioshock 2

Irrational Games to shut down, BioShock franchise now in 2K’s hands

Check out the first few minutes of ‘BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea’

10 games we want turned into movies header

10 games we’d like to see turned into movies (and how we’d make them)


Ken Levine outlines BioShock Infinite’s collector’s editions

Dubbed "Songbird Editions," the two special releases of BioShock Infinite include some neat swag, including a huge statue.

Former Bioshock, XCOM devs form The Fullbright Company