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Here are the five new Amazon Echo devices available now

Shipping begins on five new Amazon devices, including the Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Sub, and an Alexa-enabled smart plug. Here's a bit more about each device, as well as cost and how to buy.

Cortana, meet Alexa: Buy an Xbox One from Amazon and get a free Echo Dot

If you buy an Xbox One S or Xbox One X bundle through Amazon right now, you'll also receive a free Echo Dot. The device features integration with Xbox One through the Alexa and Cortana assistants.
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With the new Echo Dot getting a boost in sound, the Dot might be all you need

Amazon Echo vs. Dot: Having Alexa answer your questions is nothing short of futuristic, but which device should you get? There are some big differences between the two, especially in size, sound, and cost.
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Alexa will soon be able to hear you whisper — and answer in kind

Amazon Alexa will soon be able to respond to whispers with a whispered answer. The development team has implemented a way for the system to recognize whispers and answer in turn, allowing users to use Alexa without waking others.
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Amazon creates a bigger toy box with its new Alexa Gadgets Toolkit

Amazon is giving manufacturers of interactive devices and smart home enthusiasts a new toy with a new Alexa Gadgets Toolkit that enables the construction of accessories that pair to Echo devices.
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Amazon’s Whole Foods is stealing customers from Trader Joe’s, analysts say

A year after Amazon bought Whole Foods, two new reports indicate that the relatively small grocery chain is stealing away customers from rivals like Trader Joe's, Walgreens, and Dollar Tree stores.
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Amazon to launch Alexa in Mexico later this year, following June debut in France

After successful launches in Germany, Japan and India, Amazon launched its Alexa-enabled Echo devices in France in June with localized features. Alexa will launch in Mexico later this year.
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Alexa’s oddball ‘Away Mode’ skill aims to keep burglars at bay

There’s a new Alexa skill that plays spoken conversations when you’re out — useful for deterring potential burglars. “Away Mode” offers a choice of quirky conversation topics written by SNL comedy writers, among others.
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‘Alexa, turn up the bass’ is now a real command thanks to a new EQ feature

You're getting a bit more control over Alexa thanks to its newest feature, which introduces the ability to adjust EQ settings with only your voice. The equalizer feature lets you say things like, "Alexa, increase the treble."

‘When In Rome’ is a board game you play with Alexa, when she wants to cooperate

When in Rome is a board game you play with an Amazon Alexa device. The voice assistant is your guide to a travel-themed trivia game, where locals ask you multiple-choice questions about their cities.
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Alexa reportedly says, ‘Every time I close my eyes, all I see is people dying’

On Monday, an Amazon Echo device apparently made an unprompted and terrifying statement. The owner claims that the smart assistant suddenly activated herself and said, "Every time I close my eyes, all I see is people dying."
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Hola, Alexa! Amazon Echo is on its way to both Spain and Italy

Smart speakers are taking over the world one country at a time. The Amazon Echo will soon be made available in Spain and Italy, and around the same time, Sonos and Bose will offer up their own Alexa-enabled devices.
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The Amazon Father’s Day Sale discounts Echo, Fire, Kindle, and Cloud products

Amazon is offering discounts on its house brand products for Father's Day, including Amazon Echo Alexa-connected products including Dots, Spots, and more. Fire TV and Fire tablets, Kindles, and Cloud Cams are all on sale.
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The best (and most entertaining) Amazon Echo Easter eggs

Sometimes all we really need is someone to talk to, which is why we've rounded up the best (read: funniest) Easter eggs currently embedded within Amazon's virtual assistant. Apparently, Alexa knows more than you might think.
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Louis Vuitton’s luggage tracker tells you if it’s landed in a different country

Louis Vuitton says that its new Echo luggage tracker will let you know "whether your luggage has arrived in the right airport or not," which will certainly save you some time at the carousel if it's gone to the wrong country.
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Watch Jimmy Kimmel ask ‘Alexa’ about her famously creepy laugh

Jimmy Kimmel tried to get to the bottom of the whole creepy-Alexa-laugh fuss by bringing an Echo device into the studio and asking the digital assistant all about it. Check out how it all went.
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Here are some hilarious tweets to Amazon Alexa losing her voice

How will I ever know what time it is? Some were frustrated, while others found it hilarious: Check out these tweets in response to Amazon Alexa losing her voice - for real this time.
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Tim Cook bristles at the idea that the Apple HomePod is following the Echo

By the time the Apple HomePod made its official debut earlier this year, the Amazon Echo had already spent more than three years with homeowners. But Tim Cook wants you to know that the HomePod isn't just a "me too" product.