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Louis Vuitton’s luggage tracker tells you if it’s landed in a different country

Louis Vuitton says that its new Echo luggage tracker will let you know "whether your luggage has arrived in the right airport or not," which will certainly save you some time at the carousel if it's gone to the wrong country.
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Watch Jimmy Kimmel ask ‘Alexa’ about her famously creepy laugh

Jimmy Kimmel tried to get to the bottom of the whole creepy-Alexa-laugh fuss by bringing an Echo device into the studio and asking the digital assistant all about it. Check out how it all went.
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Here are some hilarious tweets to Amazon Alexa losing her voice

How will I ever know what time it is? Some were frustrated, while others found it hilarious: Check out these tweets in response to Amazon Alexa losing her voice - for real this time.
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Tim Cook bristles at the idea that the Apple HomePod is following the Echo

By the time the Apple HomePod made its official debut earlier this year, the Amazon Echo had already spent more than three years with homeowners. But Tim Cook wants you to know that the HomePod isn't just a "me too" product.
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This Valentine's Day, get a special deal on your portable smart speaker base

Meet the Loft and Dox, two portable battery bases that will allow you to take your Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot anywhere. And just for Valentine's Day, both bases are running special deals.
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‘Everything you cooked, you screwed!’ Gordon Ramsay now gives ‘advice’ on Alexa

Looking for a good time...with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay? Enable his new Amazon Alexa skill to get cooking "advice" and get berated with f-bomb-laden insults on how your cooking sucks.
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Here’s how to set up a ‘Routine’ on your Amazon Alexa device

The latest addition to Alexa's list of capabilities is "Routines," which allow Alexa to complete multiple tasks with a single voice command. But just exactly how does it work? Here's everything you need to know about Amazon Alexa Routines.
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Alexa loses her voice, gains celebrity ones in Amazon’s Super Bowl ad

Can Alexa really lose her voice? Is Amazon about to launch a new version of its Echo-based digital assistant? Can Jeff Bezos act? Watch Amazon's Super Bowl ad for the answer to at least one of those questions.
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Alexa now lets Android users dictate and send text messages

As the smart-speaker wars heat up, Amazon has introduced another Alexa talent that lets you use the digital assistant to send SMS messages. But read on to learn about the limitations.
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Amazon’s Echo devices and an Aussie-speaking Alexa are heading Down Under

Amazon's range of Alexa-powered Echo smart speakers have finally gone on sale in Australia and New Zealand and start shipping in February. The company is also launching its Music Unlimited service in the two countries.
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‘Alexa, sell me something!’ Amazon may explore digital advertising in 2018

Alexa is dominating the voice-activated home assistant field, and marketing insiders say Amazon may be looking at opportunities for targeted ad placement. If it goes too far, however, it risks alienating loyal consumers.

Dear game designers: Please rip off these brilliant game ideas from 2017

It's been said that good artists borrow, but great artists steal. That's true nowhere more than in game design. Here are 10 great ideas from this year's best games, which we hope someone steals and re-purposes in 2018.