Edward Snowden

See what happens when you leave the room with Haven, Snowden’s security app

Digital and physical security has never been more important. Luckily, Edward Snowden's Haven app -- which is currently in beta -- turns the sensors in your Android phone toward personal security. Here's how it works.

Edward Snowden’s Haven app turns an Android device into a laptop security guard

Meet Haven, Edward Snowden's new app that is meant to turn any Android phone into "a motion, sound, vibration and light detector, watching for unexpected guests and unwanted intruders."

Edward Snowden’s lawyers are trying to find asylum for him in the EU

Edward Snowden’s asylum in Russia will expire in 2020 and his lawyers are speaking with EU officials to see if it would be possible for an EU country to grant asylum for the whistleblower and protect him from U.S. prosecution.

Ultra private email provider Lavabit is back online

The ultra-private email provider Lavabit went offline in 2013 rather than comply with government access requests. Now Edward Snowden's email of choice is back, with enhanced privacy tweaks.
Social Media

Dorsey: Twitter thinking about implementing encrypted direct messages

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he’s open to implementing more security features, such as end-to-end encryption, in regard to direct messages on the platform. The Twitter chief was prompted on the issue by Edward Snowden.
Social Media

Whistleblower Edward Snowden answers questions about fake news, more via Twitter

In a live Q&A broadcast, Edward Snowden spoke to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, answering questions put forward by Twitter users. The exiled whistleblower shared his thoughts on fake news, the possibility of his extradition, and Twitter's recent…

Tresorit wants to protect activists and nonprofits with free encryption services

Tresorit, an encrypted cloud storage firm from Hungary, has launched a new nonprofit initiative that provides free encrypted storage subscriptions for activists to help their secure their data and protect themselves.
Movies & TV

Oliver Stone directed 'Snowden,' but Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings him to life

An impressive performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt forgives the flaws in Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' biopic
Movies & TV

New 'Snowden' clip pits Joseph Gordon-Levitt against an aptitude test

Open Road Films has released a new clip from Oliver Stone's biopic of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the title character, taking an aptitude test.

Hackers demand a $600M ‘reward’ to spill more secret NSA docs

The Shadow Brokers, a new hacker group, has released a series of documents allegedly exposing NSA hacking tools, and now it’s demanding a "reward" in Bitcoin to release more documents that are “better than Stuxnet.”
Movies & TV

Comic-Con kicks off with a new look at Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’

Director Oliver Stone and leading man Joseph Gordon-Levitt took the stage during the first day of Comic-Con International in San Diego to introduce the new trailer for "Snowden," a biopic of Edward Snowden.
Emerging Tech

Snowden developing iPhone battery case with hidden spy tool

To detect revealing mobile transmissions that could be used to locate journalists, Edward Snowden and hacker Andrew “Bunnie” Huang are developing a spy monitoring tool that doubles as a battery case.