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An iPhone 14 Pro Max with the display turned on. We see the Home Screen and Pixel Pals running in the Dynamic Island.

Everyone is going to face longer waits for new iPhones

Apple says customers planning to buy an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max face longer wait times due to an issue at a key manufacturing facility.
Apple iPhone SE 2022 in black color.

iPhone factory in Shenzhen hit by new COVID-19 lockdown

foxconn wisconsin manufacturing plant news iphone builder robots header

Apple scrambles to reduce coronavirus impact on Chinese gear

foxconn factory

Foxconn interns reportedly work long hours to produce Amazon Alexa products

foxconn china tariffs could make iphone more expensive manufacturing

Win or lose, Trump’s trade war with China could make iPhones pricier

foxconn wage hikes will increase costs  1

Foxconn is coming to America — more specifically, to its new Milwaukee HQ

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7 of the biggest scandals in tech history

foxconn factory

Foxconn to divert 7 million gallons per day from Lake Michigan for LCDs

nice alliance shared smart camera infrastructure cloud with secure

Nikon, Sony, and others form alliance to make smart cameras play NICE

foxconn struggling with iphone 6 demand production lines operating 247 5 mem

iPhone X reportedly assembled with illegal student labor at Foxconn plant

foxconn factory

Foxconn to build LCD panels in Wisconsin starting in 2020

foxconn wisconsin manufacturing plant news iphone builder robots header

Foxconn may open manufacturing plant in Wisconsin, but maybe not for iPhone


Qualcomm takes iPhone maker Foxconn to court over royalties dispute

Foxconn, on of the manufacturing companies Apple contracts to make the iPhone and iPad, has been sued by Qualcomm over unpaid royalties.
evoke urban s 3

Evoke's Urban S electric bike for city use is being built by iPhone-maker Foxconn

Foxconn has a new business partner. The manufacturer best known for building Apple's iPhone will build the Evoke Urban S electric motorcycle.
foxconn wisconsin manufacturing plant news iphone builder robots header

Foxconn is looking to build a new plant in China to make Apple prototypes

Foxconn is reportedly looking into building a new plant in Shenzhen, China. What for? Apple prototyping, apparently.
foxconn factory

Apple iPhone slowdown means poorer sales for key supplier Foxconn Technology

Apple's negative financial performance runs downhill as well. One of its most important suppliers, Foxconn Technology Group, is slowing down.
foxconn wisconsin manufacturing plant news iphone builder robots header

Thousands of jobs lost as Apple supplier Foxconn fully automates its factories

Apple supplier Foxconn is moving away from human labor and toward full automation -- and the company is doing so in three phases.

Foxconn employee charged with stealing nearly 6,000 iPhones worth $1.5 milllion

A Foxconn worker allegedly made away with a stunning 5,700 ($1.56 million worth of) iPhones over the course of his employment.

Report: Wireless charging could be standard on Apple’s next iPhone

Foxconn is reportedly developing a wireless charging module that could be implemented in all stock iPhones next year.
foxconn robot workers 60000 employees iphone builder robots

iPhone builder Foxconn just replaced 60,000 employees with robots

Apple supplier Foxconn has replaced 60,000 factory employees in China with robot workers, according to a recent report.
microsoft sues us government gag orders 2

Microsoft is getting out of the low-end phone business once and for all

Microsoft's selling the last vestiges its low-end feature phone business to a Foxconn subsidiary. It expects the deal to close later this year.
foxconn sharp version 1456367445 head office

iPhone builder Foxconn shells out big to buy Sharp

Tim Cook Foxconn factory

A fire broke out at Foxconn’s main iPhone plant, but there’s no cause for concern

A fire broke out at Foxconn's main iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou, but no casualties were reported and production wasn't affected.
foxconn sharp version 1456367445 head office

Foxconn outguns the competition, reportedly doubles other bids for display maker Sharp

Foxconn has made a $5.3 billion bid for failing display manufacturer Sharp, and has also offered to pay off all the company's debts to Japanese creditors.
google paid to be iphone default search engine apple 6s 7855

Apple scales back production of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, expects lower sales in 2016

Apple has informed suppliers to scale back production of components for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, after lower than expected sales numbers.

iPhones may come to India as Foxconn prepares to build plants for Apple products in Maharashtra

iPhones may soon start going on sale in India, as the government has given Apple and Foxconn permission to build several new manufacturing plants.
apple sapphire screen supplier gt advanced technologies files bankruptcy version 1413967235 bankrupt

Apple’s sapphire saga continues: Rumors point to Foxconn’s involvement

Apple's longtime supplier Foxconn has reportedly shown interest in the idea of producing sapphire screens for future iPhones.

Foxconn workers went on strike, but for a different reason than the one you’re thinking

Roughly 1,000 Foxconn workers went on strike last week demanding an increase in overtime hours. The decrease was due to a reduced order by HP.
iphone 6 vs lumia icon colors

Foxconn struggling with iPhone 6 demand, production lines operating 24/7


Foxconn robots: iPhone 6 to be built by ‘Foxbots’

best upcoming phones apple iphone 6 front concept 1415x943

iPhone 6: Foxconn embarks on ‘largest single hiring spree’ for assembly lines

Reversible, USB Type C cable

USB gets a Lightning cable makeover: First glimpse of reversible USB 3 cables

Called USB Type C, the new connectors will feature an entirely new design with a smaller size, and most importantly, they're reversible.
blackberry foxconn partner make z3 smartphone

BlackBerry, Foxconn partner to make Z3 smartphone, available first in Indonesia

BlackBerry would love to get back to its former glory and it's hoping its announcement of the Z3 smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2014 will help.
BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta

BlackBerry Z3 ‘Jakarta’ touchscreen phone leaked, could arrive during MWC 2014