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A frustrated person looking at a laptop.

How to uninstall McAfee

Preinstalled antivirus software got you down? Never fear. With a few clicks, we can help you get rid of McAfee for good, so you can install something better.
Brothers bonding looking at phone safely thanks to MTP.

If you install one piece of software on your PC, make it this

Two women video calling on their laptop with dog nearby protected by McAfee.

This tool is everything your family needs to stay safe online

norton vs mcafee antivirus for small business

Norton vs. McAfee: Which Antivirus software is best for your small business?

Google Home stock photo with laptop and iphone

McAfee says 2019 may be the year where malware is a threat in every device

kaspersky releases tool to counteract cryptxxx ransomware

Latest ransomware targets gamers with a malicious sophistication

turkey blocks tor dark web keyboard key

Hackers can purchase government login credentials for cheap on the dark web

google play may be back in china soon

These fake Android apps steal your money when you aren’t looking

researchers use ambient light sensor data to steal browser exhausted man computer problems desk hacking hackers malware frust

Mac malware is on the rise, but here’s why that’s not as scary as it sounds

ip ratings explained

McAfee’s antivirus software is coming pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S8

intel security cia macbook rootkit pro stock image

Intel Security releases MacBook scanner for CIA Vault 7 rootkits

8th gen intel core launch building 01

Intel breaks out cybersecurity division McAfee as an independent company

el gato android ransomware cat

New 'El Gato' Android ransomware may sound cute, but it packs a punch

McAfee cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new Android ransomware, dubbed 'El Gato,' which is capable of stealing SMS messages.
new version of malware uses god mode to hide from users

New version of malware uses ‘God Mode’ to hide from Windows users

God Mode has been an undocumented Windows feature since Vista, but now a new version of malware is using the same technique to prey on users.
John McAfee

John McAfee: Next airline hijacking will be by a hacker from halfway around the world

An airplane can be hijacked by anyone from a laptop or a smartphone, warns John McAfee -- and the TSA must be restructured entirely to handle the threat.
John McAfee

John McAfee: For today, for the future — here’s why I’m running for president

Our country is not prepared for a cyberwar that has already begun, John McAfee says. His presidential platform is still forthcoming, but here McAfee shares a number of reasons why he is running for president and founding a party.
mcafee interview in portland

McAfee has an interesting theory about the Ashley Madison hack

John McAfee, the famous security entrepreneur, has a theory about the Ashley Madison hack. He thinks it was an inside job by a rogue female employee.
67 people liked this insulin update is healthcare ready for hashtags shutterstock 131496734

67 people “liked” this insulin update: Is healthcare ready for hashtags?

Defibrillators hooked up to D-Link routers? Intel Security's latest report details the threats and challenges the world could face in connected healthcare.
lenovo yoga tablet 2 pro 8 back logo

Lenovo owns up to ‘Superfish’ with free virus protection software offer

The company is now offering six months of the McAfee LiveSafe Program free to Lenovo customers who own a computer that shipped with SuperFish.
lenovo yoga tablet 2 pro 8 back logo

Lenovo cleans up Superfish with McAfee subscription, promises to restrain future bloatware

Lenovo has announced that starting with the release of Windows 10, the company will no longer be including unnecessary bloatware on its machines.
washington post hacked chinese origin suspected hacker

McAfee Labs Q4 2013 Threats Report suggests malware is on the rise

Surprise surprise: McAfee's latest threat assessment reveals that instances of malware have been on the rise.
how to fix mavericks mcafee compatibility issues flash sandboxed

Got Mavericks and McAfee compatibility issues? How to fix them

Are your Mavericks and McAfee installs not getting along? This should fix any compatibility issues you're experiencing.

John McAfee explains how to uninstall McAfee Antivirus – with strippers, coke, and guns

John McAfee hasn't had anything to do with McAfee Antivirus for more than 15 years – but that isn't stopping him from "explaining" how get rid of it.
mcafee interview in portland

McAfee talks to news team about being wanted for murder, his sexual exploits, and the ‘blue man’

Emma Watson most dangerous celebrity search

Emma Watson: The Web’s most dangerous celebrity search

McAfee SaaS Total Protection

McAfee patches flaw that turned protected systems into spam relays

Is Android becoming the Windows of mobile malware?


Cars now under serious threat from hackers, warns McAfee

Intel Sandy Bridge wafer

First Intel/McAfee security product will leverage chip features


Chocolate-obsessed hacker breaks into Hershey’s website to change a recipe


China responsible for WordPress DDoS attacks

Symantec releases new report on Stuxnet, warns energy sector to beware


US fuel companies targeted by China’s ‘Night Dragon’ cyberattacks

McAfee’s 2010 threat report indicates sharp rise in mobile device-based malware