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OkCupid insists on real names, and its users are not happy

OkCupid is removing OkCupid usernames, beginning with a test group, and then rolling out to all users. The goal, the site says, is to have users "update their profiles with what they want their dates to call them." Many users are not happy…
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Tinder advises men to not look too attractive in profile pics

Tinder's in-house sociologist revealed the differences in dating habits between men and women. According to Tinder, women view men who are incredibly attractive as untrustworthy, whereas the opposite is true for men.

Update: OKCupid succeeds in removing 70,000 users’ leaked data from public view

We may be looking for love in all sorts of places, but that doesn't mean we want the world to know about it. But for 70,000 OKCupid users, their opinions weren't taken into consideration before a group of Danish researchers released their…
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Clear your calendar, these are the best times to get matched on Tinder, OkCupid

New Tinder and OkCupid user stats reveal how you can boost your chances of finding a match by logging into the dating apps at certain times of the day. These tend to be the hours when most people are online.
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Should you pay someone to manage your breakup for you?

Apps and online services such as The Breakup Shop aim to manage the last and sometimes worst phase of dating, but haven't yet figured out how to handle the emotional part of breaking up.
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If unwanted Tinder matches appear as Facebook-suggested friends, here’s why

Some online daters are noticing their Tinder matches popping up on Facebook as suggested friends. But there may not be a direct connection, with the cause more likely being a side-effect of your other online activity.

Hookup at your next festival with FanMatch, the ‘Tinder for music fans’

Millions of people visit music festivals every year, and a new mobile dating app called FanMatch wants to help them search for potential hookups by becoming the "Tinder for music fans."

I tried out these 8 Tinder alternatives, and didn’t get a single message

Tired of swiping? Try out these great dating apps that put a new spin on the time-honored practice of the one night stand. I did, though I ended up spending my night alone.

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigns amid controversy surrounding his anti-gay past

Mozilla announced on its official blog that CEO Brendan Eich has resigned from his post, after his appointment spurred an uproar due to his past anti-gay leanings.
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The complete guide to digital dating, guaranteed to maybe work

There are plenty of online dating guides out there - but this one is written by a success story. Get all the inside dirt on how to write your profile and let down ill-matched suitors from someone who has been there, done that ... and found…
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Turns out, money – or at least, Bitcoins – can buy you love

OKCupid is the latest online service to jump in on the Bitcoin rage, and now accepts the virtual currency in exchange for membership fees.
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New York online daters are liars, liars pants on fire, study claims

A new survey shows that New York breeds a lot of dating profiles that are full of lies and embellishments. Be careful - that new special someone is very likely not who they say they are.

Why Facebook’s Graph Search needs to be mobile right now

Facebook unveiled Graph Search this week, and, even though it wasn't the fabled Facebook Phone, the new feature makes Facebook all the more powerful in the hands of users. Desktop users, that is. Here's why Facebook should move search onto…

OKCupid’s Crazy Blind Date aims to ease those lonely, lonely nights

Feeling lonely? OKCupid might have a solution for you. Or it might set you up on the worst date you've ever had. That's the risk you'll take with Crazy Blind Date, the new mobile app from OKCupid. Information about your date is limited and…
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Study: The truth about online dating sites selling you the science of love

A new research study observes the use of "scientific" research in order to give weight to online dating services that offer to find the perfect soulmate for users.

After Gizmodo hit piece, Magic champ Jon Finkel tells all on Reddit

Fans of Magic: The Gathering rallied around 2000 world champion Jon Finkel after a Gizmodo writer publicly dissed him in print. So, where did Finkel go for some moral support? Why, Reddit.com, of course!
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Everyday Twitter users are prone to breakups

OkCupid has scoured its user data and found that Twitter isn't good for your romantic life.

4chan plots to trick men on OKCupid into holding ‘involuntary flashmob’

The merry pranksters of 4chan and Reddit have devised a foolproof plan: Dupe as many desperately lonely men on dating sites as possible into holding an "involuntary flashmob" in Times Square by making them think they're meeting up with…