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A digital encrypted lock with data multilayers.

Hackers could use this nasty bug to expose government websites

Cybersecurity researchers have reported that a vulnerability in the open-source control system Git has left government domains open to data breaches.
The design process of emoji.

Microsoft’s emoji library goes open source

An ARM processor.

ARM vs. RISC-V: Is one better than the other?

Ryzen 3700X CPU.

What is RISC-V?

Windows Insider

Microsoft continues open-source effort, releases Windows Calculator code

Autonomous Driving Systems

Can’t we all just drive along? The not-so-universal language of autonomous cars

new years eve plans heres prevent hangover beer 11 jpg

Mozilla teamed up with a brewery for an open-sourced beer, and we downed a pint

stewie horse robot therapy hippotherapy

Stewie the robot offers horseback therapy without the stable fee

leap motion augmented reality hmd prototype revealed ar headset

Leap Motion’s prototype augmented reality headset includes hand tracking

3d printed smartphone micrscope print microscope

Want to do some science? Here’s a smartphone microscope you can 3D print

gmail app

Gmail will be AMP’d up using a speedy new tech that makes emails pretty

new crowdfunding projects Mycroft Mark II

Finally, an A.I. voice assistant that doesn’t collect and monetize your data

oculus rift amazon sale 350 on matt wideview

Facebook twists time to make graphics easier to code with Flick

A former Oculus architect has designed a new unit of time, the Flick, engineered to make video and audio easier to code.
A man using a computer.

Darktable, the free Lightroom alternative, is available for Windows

The open-source software Darktable recently expanded to Windows users, as well as adding a handful of new tools.
Olympus smart glasses

Businesses can design their own software for these Olympus smart glasses

The Olympus smart glasses El-10 are intentionally left without much software so that businesses can design their own applications.
A close up of a person's hands typing on a laptop.

Windowed: This disguised browser allows Instagram uploads from desktops

Windowed is a desktop browser disguised as a mobile one in order to make Instagram uploads from desktops possible.
Raspberry Pi 3

Modder saws the Raspberry Pi 3 down to create a compact, credit card-sized PC

One modder wanted the performance of the Raspberry Pi 3 but the size of the Raspberry Pi Zero, so he created an open-source prototype.
covi light smart home hub interior 9

This smart home hub combines Alexa’s smarts with beautiful lighting design

Meet the Covi, a speech-enabled light that promises to automate your home by working with Alexa right out of the box.
triggertrap open source timelapsepro lifestyle 1

TriggerTrap remotes go open source, may not be defunct after all

Smartphone camera remote company TriggerTrap may be closing, but the computer-savvy can help keep the app alive for current users.
adobe source hans serif font type team copy

New open source font could eliminate those weird characters after translation

When a font doesn't contain all the right characters, a translation will create boxes where letters should be -- this font is fighting back.
microsoft open sources graph engine microsoftlogo

Microsoft makes digging into data easier with open-sourced Graph Engine

Microsoft open-sourced Graph Engine, the graph database used in its Cognitive Services system and aimed at leveraging today's connected data.
ikea open source 03 ddd hay tom dixon

Pimp my computer desk: Ikea will “open source” a new line of customizable furniture

Ikea has detailed its line of “open platform” furniture meant to encourage tinkerers to modify DIY products into new and interesting designs.
chrome on ios reading list browser mobile ipad search

Google makes Chrome for iOS open source

Google has opened the development floodgates for Chrome on mobile. It has made the mobile browser completely open source.
top tech stories 05 12 2017 google logo hq headquarters sign name

Google makes cryptography more secure with open-sourced Project Wycheproof

Google launched Project Wycheproof on Monday, a huge set of tests for developers and software vendors to test their cryptographic software libraries.
microsoft surface keyboard ergonomic mouse bluetooth

LibreOffice's free Microsoft Office competitor is getting its own "ribbon" interface

The free, open-source LibreOffice application has adopted a ribbon of its own, catching up with the user interface introduced by Microsoft in Office 2007.
macos sierra open source darwin available download features 4

Open-source Darwin now available to download for Apple MacOS Sierra

Apple has always made OS X open-source software bits available for download and now the company has made MacOS 10.12 Sierra's Darwin available as well
microsoft latest firm to notify users of state sponsored hacks

Microsoft demonstrates its commitment to open source by joining Linux Foundation

Microsoft provided significant support for Linux as the company announced it has joined the Linux Foundation as a platinum member.
A person using a Linux laptop.

Linux 4.8 kernel will support newer hardware, including your Microsoft Surface 3

Linus Torvalds officially announced the release of the Linux 4.8 kernel, marking the end of a long testing cycle and the beginning of a new one.
open office retirement openoffice splash

After 16 years, OpenOffice contemplates retirement

Looks like OpenOffice might be near the end of the road, according to an email thread started yesterday by the project’s vice president Dennis Hamilton.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft PowerShell now available to users on Linux and Mac OS X systems

Microsoft has announced that its PowerShell framework is going open source, releasing alpha builds for Linux and Mac OS X.
open bar hackaday cocktails photo

It can’t spin bottles like Tom Cruise, but this kegerator pours premixed cocktails

The Open Bar project, an entry for the 2016 Hackaday Prize, automatically makes and pours cocktails.
open building institute screen shot 2016 07 08 at 5 39 pm

The Github for eco-housing builds $25k homes in just five days

Marcin Jakubowski and Catarina Mota are the great minds behind the Open Building Institute. Think of it as the Github for green housing.
mozilla apple google microsoft lawsuit headquarters

Mozilla launches new fund to help keep open-source software secure

Mozilla is launching a new fund called the Secure Open Source fund to help provide money for security audits of open-source software.
top tech stories 05 12 2017 google logo hq headquarters sign name

Google open-sources Parsey McParseface, its tool for understanding English

Understanding language is a big part of how computers communicate with humans. Google understands this, and has open-sourced SyntaxNet, its sentence parser.