JPEG vs. PNG: When and why to use one format over the other

JPEG vs. PNG: Which one is better for your needs? While there’s a lot of math going on behind the scenes, it boils down to a few key differences that make each format better in specific situations.
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Amazon is taking a photo of your front door to show you where your package is

Amazon is now taking photos to show exactly where your packages are being deposited. This may cut down on customer confusion and also serves as photographic evidence of the successful delivery of your precious cargo. 

Here is the best photo gear to come out of CES 2018

Traditional camera makers barely made a peep at CES 2018, but that didn't mean the show was devoid of new cameras. From drones to AR/VR and 360-degree cameras, we look back at some of favorite photo gear.

Polarizing, ND, and more: How different photo filters affect your photography

You’ve heard of photography filters, but do you know what they do? We’ve picked the five most common types of photo filters and explained how each can help you improve your photography.
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Instagram will now let you reply to Stories with photos or videos of your own

Instagram announced the ability to reply to Instagram stories with either a photo or video. "From selfies to Boomerangs, now you can be even more fun and playful when you respond to friends," Instagram wrote.

How in the world did SpaceX snap this stunning rocket-landing photo?

Everything came right for SpaceX on Saturday when it successfully landed another of its rockets on a floating platform after a four-month break. Heck, it even managed to snap a stunning photo just moments before the rocket touched down.

Gather your memories: Keenai is a ‘one-stop’ solution to manage photos across devices

Ricoh Innovations has released a new service designed to bring all of your photos together into a single location accessible from anywhere, supported by apps for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and desktop computers.
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Joy is a $500 tablet that’s a curated digital frame for your photos

The CEO of Joy wants to make digital photo albums better. His solution? A $500 tablet that can only act as a digital frame for your curated albums. It's 13.3 inches, and is meant to sit in your home on its wireless charger.

Rumor: Teaser image shows Kodak might release a smartphone on October 20th

A recently released photo from Kodak teases what appears to be a dedicated shutter release button bearing the Kodak logo on the side of a smartphone device. This wouldn't be Kodak's first foray into smartphones.

Eating Chinese food tonight? Translate that menu with Waygo

Meet Waygo, an augmented reality visual translation app that has just launched a food photo feature, which promises to "provide greater context and clarity to its Chinese menu translations."

Huawei implied photo shot on 5DMIII was captured with its P9 smartphone

Huawei has come under fire after EXIF data revealed that an image it claimed was shot on its P9 smartphone was actually captured with a Canon 5D Mark III and 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II lens.

Affinity teases its impressive Photoshop competitor running on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Affinity isn't playing games. On Tuesday, it showed off a demo of Affinity Photo for iPad, its robust Photoshop competitor, running entirely on an iPad Pro. Combined with Apple's upcoming iOS 10, this could be the best mobile editing…