This beautiful, unique one-handed watch started life as a doodle on a coaster

Mechanical watches are simple compared to smartwatches; but for Swiss Reimagined they’re not quite simple enough. The team decided to do something about it. The result is SNGLRTY, a watch that accurately tells time with just one hand.

Nintendo Labo features cardboard accessory kits to interact with your Switch

Nintendo Labo, revealed on January 17, are cardboard kits designed to be used with the Nintendo Switch to create new experiences. Two sets, the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit, launch in April.
Emerging Tech

This DIY wooden watch is not the smartest, but it’s among the coolest

Looking for the next great wearable? Created by Harvard computer scientist Harnek Gulati, the Wooden Word Watch is a wooden timepiece that tells the time by spelling it out for you.
Social Media

Facebook mounts assault on Netflix and Amazon with new ‘Watch’ platform

Facebook is launching a new video tab called "Watch," marking the start of its big push into original content. Landing this week for select users, the tab is expected to be a more structured version of its current video offering.

The Shaper by NOWA is a smartwatch that looks like a classic timepiece

Meet the Shaper by NOWA, a collection of watches for frequent fliers that connects to your smartphone for automatic time zone changing, activity and sleep tracking, all with the timeless look of an analogue face.

You can own a limited edition version Steve Jobs' iconic Seiko watch for just $180

You'll be able to get your hands on a limited edition of Chariot series watches. If you're an Apple enthusiast or, perhaps more specifically, a Steve Jobs fan, you'll recognize the watch as the same timepiece Jobs wore on the cover of Time.

More young Americans prefer to read rather than watch the news

As per a recent study from the Pew Research Center, despite the younger generation's love for bite-sized content, a plurality still prefers to read their news rather than watch it.
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Could this watch help you appreciate the little moments in life a bit better?

You may have to learn a new way to tell time, but it'll be worth it. Say hello to the Wundrwatch, a timepiece that has but one hand, making for a 24 hour clock that helps you "appreciate those special moments that matter."
Health & Fitness

Healthy and motivated? Get that way with Philips latest connected fitness devices

Want to get healthier? Philips has a complete range of health and fitness tracking products, and a connected app, to help you do just that. These include a watch-style fitness tracker, and a pair of connected scales.
Emerging Tech

This $1.28 million watch is made of transparent sapphire

Greubel Forsey has just unveiled its $1.28 million Double Tourbillon 30° Technique, a luxury watch featuring an all-sapphire, completely transparent face. Heralded as the “pinnacle of transparency,” not a single piece of metal is used…
Emerging Tech

FlyPro’s new auto-follow drone can live stream your adventures from a bird’s eye view

Looking to capture awesome aerial footage of your outdoor adventures, but don't want to go through the rigamarole of learning how to fly a drone? FlyPro has you covered.

Vine’s new ‘Watch’ button takes away the loops

Vine has rolled out a new "Watch" button that lets you sit back and enjoy a channel's videos one after the other. The hands-free experience means no loops, and offers users a more convenient, as well as conventional, viewing experience.