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whatsapp blackberry os windows phone feat 02

WhatsApp may not work with older BlackBerry or Windows phones in 2018

WhatsApp has determined that it will no longer support BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone 8.0 and older beginning December 31, 2017.
Office Windows Phone

Poll: Windows Phone is finally dead, are you going to miss it?

windows phones dtd10092017

Tech’s grim reaper calls up Windows Phones, Sony set to revive Aibo robotic dog

windows 10 mobile anniversary update launch

Microsoft VP confesses Windows 10 Mobile is effectively finished

Lumia 650

Windows Phone 8.1 is officially dead as Microsoft ends support


Microsoft CEO says the company's next smartphone will be incredibly futuristic

minecraft pocket edition windows updates 6101688423 a8f9baa976 b cropped

'Minecraft: Pocket Edition' to cease updates on Windows Mobile phones

Windows running on a phone.

The best apps every Windows Phone user should have

satya nadella microsoft phone ultimate windows mobile surface 1

Microsoft is working on the 'ultimate mobile device,' says CEO Satya Nadella

ballmer and gates were divided about phones 1

Smartphones were the wedge between Ballmer and Gates

microsoft german italian apps 8530204041 52099dd49d k

Microsoft drops 100,000 apps from German and Italian Windows Stores

Nokia Lumia 830

The largest police force in the U.S. shuns iOS and Android, goes with Windows Phones

windows 10 mobile market share 17448078879 839f9e16a6 k

Windows 10 Mobile reaches 14-percent share of Windows Phone market

Windows 10 Mobile is now at a 14-percent market share within the overall Windows Phone market, but it's still a fraction of the overall mobile market.
nokia mclaren unofficially unveiled

The canceled unicorn known as the Nokia McLaren gets its 15 minutes of fame

The Nokia McLaren, a now-cancelled Windows Phone 8.1-powered handset, finally sees the light of day, but not for very long.
windows 10

1 billion Windows 10 users by 2018? We take that back, says Microsoft

Microsoft boldly predicted they'd have 1 billion Windows 10 users by 2018, but they're taking that back. Part of this is Windows Phone flopping.
pokemon go pokefit lumia 950

The Windows Phone subreddit is having an existential crisis over ‘Pokémon Go’

While many fans are enjoying 'Pokémon Go' on Android and iOS, Windows Phone fans have felt left out, and are going through all the stages of grief.
angry birds

Angry Birds developer abandons the Universal Windows Platform

Rovio is officially abandoning Microsoft's Windows platform, taking the Angry Birds titles with it to iOS and Android exclusively.
twitter hashes out future changes microsoft steps away from phones siri sdk dtd0525

Twitter hashes out future changes, Microsoft steps away from phones, Siri SDK

Twitter sticks to the 140-character limit but some major changes are on the way, Microsoft throws in the towel on phones, Apple to release an SDK for Siri.
microsoft sues us government gag orders 2

Microsoft is getting out of the low-end phone business once and for all

Microsoft's selling the last vestiges its low-end feature phone business to a Foxconn subsidiary. It expects the deal to close later this year.
microsoft pre touch display news

Apple’s 3D Touch is so last year, Microsoft is working on something even cooler

Microsoft Research is developing pre-touch display technology that can sense the approach of your fingers in order to adapt the interface.

Want a cup of Joe? The Starbucks app is finally coming to Windows Phone

Android and iOS users have enjoyed the Starbucks app for a while now, but Windows users have been left out. But now, Starbucks is coming to Windows Phone.
Windows Phone

When will my Lumia get Windows 10 Mobile? Everything you need to know

Windows 10 Mobile is finally rolling out now to select Windows 8.1 phones.
Windows 10

Microsoft's new app lets you log in to your computer by using Bluetooth and your smartphone

Microsoft's updated Authenticator app, which isn't yet publicly available, lets you log into a Windows 10 machine by pairing your smartphone via Bluetooth.
fake whatsapp

WhatsApp won’t support BlackBerry, other older mobile platforms by the end of 2016

WhatsApp will leave BlackBerry, Android 2.1 and 2.2, Windows Phone 7.1, and other older mobile operating systems behind by the end of 2016.
Nokia Lumia 520

The three-year-old Nokia Lumia 520 is still the most popular Windows Phone smartphone

Even with a three-year lifespan, the Nokia Lumia 520 is still the most widely-used Windows Phone handset in the world.
microsoft project cheshire screenshots windows 10 phone v2

Microsoft may launch its mobile keyboard on multiple platforms, starting with the iPhone

Microsoft is bringing its popular Word Flow keyboard to other third-party platforms in the next few months, starting with the iPhone.
windows release preview ring 10 eco system

Windows 10 ecosystem review (Windows 10, Phone, Xbox)

windows 10 for mobile news version 1452682105 lumia 950 950xl front rear

Is the leaked HP Falcon Windows phone evidence of HP’s return to making phones?

The HP Falcon is a newly leaked smartphone that may have a phablet-sized screen, a Snapdragon 820 processor, and run Microsoft's Windows 10 software.
lumia mclaren images emerge 69b47e899e510fb31d1c795adf33c895d0430c6a lanczos3

New pictures emerged of Nokia's cancelled gesture-sensing Windows Phone

New images of the Nokia's ill-fated Lumia McLaren, once the rumored successor to the much-lauded Lumia 1020, have emerged on Chinese social media.
windows phone

Windows Phone market share drops to 1.7 percent, as Android and Huawei’s fortunes rise

New data from Gartner shows Windows Phone's market share dropping to 1.7 percent from 3 percent last year. Meanwhile, Huawei's smartphone sales rise.
woman uses an android smartphone

Microsoft kills support for Android porting to Windows 10

Microsoft recently announced plans for Android and iOS developers to easily port their existing apps to Windows 10, but has put the Android feature on hold.
Microsoft Lumia 735

Google plans to launch apps on Windows tomorrow

Google might be planning to support Windows 10 and 10 Mobile tomorrow at Microsoft's event, by announcing a range of apps available for the OS.
microsoft continuum hub shows up on british retail site chub02

Continuum continues to tease with retail entry on British site

Microsoft's Continuum smartphone broadcasting system may be closer to release than we thought, as a product has shown up on a British retail site.
microsoft mclaren phone gesture video screenshot 01

See how gestures would have controlled Microsoft’s cancelled McLaren phone

The Microsoft McLaren Windows phone was going to feature Kinect-like gestures, but it was scrapped. A new video reveals what Microsoft was planning.