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windows 10 june update will kill internet explorer for good poznan  pol may 1 2021 laptop computer displaying logo

Microsoft warns that relying on Internet Explorer may cause disruptions

Microsoft has announced further end-of-life updates for Internet Explorer on Windows 10 that will take place in February 2023.
Samsung foldable laptop concept image.

Samsung planning foldable with the largest bended display for 2023

Reports suggest Samsung has plans to release a foldable with a display that is larger than any other when its in its folded state.
The UltraGear OLED QHD showing a sea based fighting game demo.

I saw LG’s 27-inch OLED, and it felt like the future of gaming monitors

The LG 27-inch UltraGear OLED QHD is an impressive display with market-first features including a 240Hz refresh rate and 0.03 response time GtG response time.
The LG UltraGear OLED Gaming Monitor will be showcased at IFA 2022 in September.

We finally know the price of LG’s 240Hz OLED gaming monitors

LG has revealed the price and preorder details for its latest UltraGear OLED gaming monitor models, which were announced earlier this year.
The new Dough Glossy OLED Gaming Monitor on a white table.

Dough (formerly Eve) now has its own 27-inch 240Hz OLED gaming monitor

The brand Dough has introduced a new OLED gaming monitor with a new technology with individually lit pixels that mimics having 3,686,400 backlight dimming zones
ViewSonic ColorPro VP16 OLED monitor caters to creatives

Even 15-inch portable monitors come in OLED now

The ViewSonic ColorPro VP16 OLED monitor is now available with creative professionals in mind. 
The Microsoft Teams Communities features is now available for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family.

How to use the new communities feature in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams' new communities feature benefits personal and small business collaboration.
A close up of a tarot card.

I used ChatGPT to interpret my astrological makeup, and it was surprisingly good

I used the ChatGPT general-purpose chatbot developed by OpenAI to interpret tarot cards and astrological combinations and discovered some interesting results.
Discord logo illustration

Discord now lets creators make money, and it’s not with crypto

Discord has shared details on the pricing requirements and perks of its Server Subscriptions for servers in the U.S.
Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 feature that makes the OS photos app compatible with Apple's iClould.

iCloud might be sending your photos to strangers’ computers

Several iCloud for Windows users have reported receiving photos that aren't theirs after downloading the new feature from the Microsoft app store.
A Raspberry Pi-powered hoverboard made by developer Orhan Günsal.

This custom hoverboard is entirely powered by Raspberry Pi

A developer has created a wireless hoverboard using a Raspberry Pi minicomputer.
A MacBook Pro M2 sits on a wooden table with a nice bokeh background.

MacBook Pro 14 vs. MacBook Pro 13: M2 for battery, 14-inch for performance

Comparing the M2 MacBook Pro and the 14-inch MacBook Pro, buyers' should consider whether they need better battery life or performance.
Apple Pro Display XDR WWDC 2019 Hands On

Apple’s next Studio monitor may use a QD-OLED panel

Samsung may be working on the OLED panels for an Apple Studio Display that could release in 2024.
A Windows 11 device sits on a table.

Windows 11 will now work more seamlessly with Apple iCloud

Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 feature that makes the OS photos app compatible with Apple's iClould.
The Rewind app on an iMac with a pink background, showing a grid of faces from a Zoom call

These new Zoom features take on Teams and Outlook in a serious way

Zoom has announced its in-house Mail and Calendar clients, which will soon be available in beta.
MacBook Air sitting on a table in an airport.

These are the airports that actually have really fast public Wi-Fi

A researcher discovers which of the busiest airports in the U.S. have the best free Wi-Fi.
AI image generators are being tested for various biases that might come up in their machine learning systems.

AI image generators appear to propagate gender and race stereotypes

AI image generators are being tested for various biases that might come up in their machine learning systems.
Google Chrome has been updated with a new sidebar feature.

Google Chrome gets one of Microsoft Edge’s best features

Google Chrome is getting a search comparison feature that has been popular on Microsoft Edge for some time.
Windows 11's Phone Link on a Dell XPS Laptop.

Windows 11 finally gets one of the best macOS features

A new Windows 11 feature being tested gives users the ability to open a mobile hotspot without having to handle their smartphone.
iOS 16 and Mac Ventura on Apple devices.

Your Siri conversations may have been recorded without your permission

A developer found a serious flaw affecting the security of Apple's voice assistant Siri associated with Bluetooth-connected accessories.
Spilled liquid on laptop keyboard.

These are the most common ways people break their laptops

The Secure Data Recovery service has shared details it has collected on the clumsiest states in the U.S. when it comes to laptops and smartphones.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

Microsoft data breach exposed sensitive data of 65,000 companies

Microsoft is in a disagreement with a security research firm regarding how a recent breach of its servers has been handled.
Two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support can be seen on the left-hand side of the MSI Prestige 14.

Intel’s Thunderbolt 4.2 promises up to three times the capability of predecessor

Intel has showcased its next-generation standard of Thunderbolt, which will be officially named in 2023.
A symbol of the Mozilla Firefox logo.

The latest Firefox release redesigns its private browsing feature

Mozilla shows off its Private Browsing mode updates and design makeovers for Cybersecurity month.
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen helps protect users against websites that engage in phishing and malware campaigns.

Microsoft Edge now warns when your typos can lead to being phished

Microsoft has added a new feature to its Defender SmartScreen service to protect users from landing on typo webpages that might be phishing scams.
microsoft adaptive accessories pc accessible 1 jpeg

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories will be available October 25

Microsoft's Adaptive Accessories, which include the Xbox Adaptive Controller, will be available starting October 25.
microsoft designer app offers dall e experience for more creative projects

Microsoft’s new Designer app offers DALL-E-like AI art creation for all

Microsoft Designer is a new AI-powered new creator tool that lets the technology do most of the work in developing a creative project.
The Mac Studio and Studio Display on a desk.

Apple’s mini-LED external display may be delayed until early 2023

The latest rumors about Apple's miniLED external display suggest it might be announced early next year after several delays.
how to back up emails in outlook laptop

A new phishing scam pretends to be your boss sending you an email

A business email compromise campaign deceives a company employee into thinking their boss is authorizing a payment, but it's actually a bad actor.
norton 360 deluxe with lifelock deal best buy december 2021 shutterstock antivirus

This dangerous vulnerability tricks researchers by mimicking old threats

The CVE-2022-41040 and CVE-2022-41082 zero-day flaw has been brought to Microsoft's attention after its Exchange email servers were left exposed to bad actors.
DALL-E images created from a text prompt.

Image-generating AI Dall-E is now free for anyone to play with

The company OpenAI has made its text-to-art generator DALL-E free to the public after a waitlist period.
Logitech MX Mechanical Mini Keyboard for Mac.

Logitech’s new Mac accessories are customizable, functional, and undeniably pretty

Logitech has released the latest in its family of Mac accessories alongside its latest customization software update.
Cooler Master 27-inch Tempest gaming monitors were announced today and will release later this year.

Cooler Master’s new quantum dot mini-LED gaming monitors look incredible

Cooler Master 27-inch Tempest gaming monitors were announced today and will release later this year.
The front and back of the Alienware QD-OLED monitor.

Alienware’s second QD-OLED monitor is even cheaper than the original

Dell has introduced a new Alienware 34-inch QD-OLED gaming monitor after the success of the monitor it released earlier this year.